Bosch VP-CFGSFT Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices

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Bosch VP-CFGSFT Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices

Camera configuration software for use with Bilinx cameras.

The Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices (CTFID) from Bosch Security Systems increases efficiency for CCTV installers and service personnel. CTFID uses Bilinx Technology, a bidirectional communication method, embedded in the video signal of all of the latest analog Bosch Dinion, FlexiDome, AutoDome, and MIC Series cameras. Using CTFID, technicians can check status, change settings, control pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), and even update firmware from virtually anywhere along the video cable. This reduces the time for troubleshooting and service, while providing more accurate setup and adjustment, all without running additional wires or boxes. Simply connect the Configuration Tool’s Coax to the USB adaptor from your laptop PC. You then have total access to all camera or dome settings. Because Bilinx Technology uses the standard video signal to transmit and receive data, it will also work over any passive UTP installation.

CTFID is supplied with a small hardware adaptor that plugs into any USB-compliant port supported by a Windows ® operating system. Once the CTFID software is loaded, the adaptor communicates over the video signal from any Bilinx-enabled camera or AutoDome. This allows service personnel to simply tap into the video cable at a convenient location, anywhere between the camera and the monitoring station, using a simple T Connector. If Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is the medium of choice, the data will still be accessible if using passive UTP transceivers. An installer or technician can change any or all camera/dome settings, such as White Balance, AGC, Shutter Speed, etc., in online mode while connected to a device. Alternately, use the offline mode by first downloading and saving the data so that is can be manipulated and uploaded to the same or other similar devices.

Whether used for large installations with lots of cameras that require only one setting to be changed, or small installations with only one camera that needs all of its settings changed, the CTFID is a time saver. CTFID conveniently allows the PC keyboard to become the user interface for typing settings right into the camera or dome. This simplifies tasks such as entry of OSD text descriptors, dome address setting, or camera menu navigation.

CTFID allows easy transmission of future camera or dome firmware updates via the video cable. Further reducing service costs, the installer can update features in the camera without physically removing the camera; all updates can be made from a central point, eliminating travel to each camera’s location. When purchasing VP-CFGSFT, the USB adaptor and software are included. VP-USB includes only the USB adaptor.

Key Features:

  • Upload, copy and paste configurations for multiple cameras over the video cable
  • Set up and configure analog Bosch Dinion, FlexiDome, AutoDome, and MIC Series cameras
  • Control AutoDomes and MIC Series cameras over the video cable
  • Perform camera firmware updates
  • USB compatible
  • Includes software and USB to BNC adaptor
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