ETS CSM8 70V Speaker and Pre-amplified Microphone

Brand: ETS
Part Number: CSM8
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  • ETS CSM8 70V Speaker and Pre-amplified Microphone
  • ETS CSM8 70V Speaker and Pre-amplified Microphone
  • ETS CSM8 70V Speaker and Pre-amplified Microphone
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ETS CSM8 70V Speaker and Pre-amplified Microphone

The CSM8 is a combination 70V speaker and pre-amplified microphone designed to flush mount in an acoustic ceiling tile, drywall, etc. The CSM8 is designed to directly interface with the ETS SMA1 for connection to DVRs, IP cameras, etc. but, can be used with other comparable equipment. CSM8 is for use in half duplex audio systems only. Audio whine or “feedback” will be result if both speaker and microphone are active at the same time.

The volume of the CSM8 speaker can be changed by moving the jumper on the MSI-1 interface board. Move the jumper to the 5W position for the loudest setting and .5W for the lowest setting.

The CSM8’s microphone output level can be adjusted by removing the speaker from the grill (four Kepnuts). Locate the blue gain control on the SM1 board adhered to the grill. Adjust the control clockwise for more gain and counter clock-wise for less gain.

Key Features:

  • Omni-directional element w/25’ range.
  • Low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier.
  • Line level, unbalanced output.
  • Adjustable gain.
  • 200Hz-16Khz Frequency response.
  • Microphone audio peak limiter (1second attack/release response time).
  • Breakout circuit board on speaker with Euro-style connectors makes cable terminations fast and clean.
  • 8” 5 watt speaker with 12.5” metal grill.
  • Selectable .5w, 1w, 2w, 5w 70v line speaker power taps.
  • Speaker frequency response: 200-10Khz.
  • Dimensions: 12.5Dia x 3.5H.
  • Additional Information

    Audio Surveillance Type:
    Speaker Microphone
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