ETS PM1-LL-LE2 Phantom Powered Professional Microphone - Surface Mount

Brand: ETS
Part Number: PM1-LL-LE2
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ETS PM1-LL-LE2 24-48v Phantom Powered Professional Microphone

The PM1-LL is a high performance, balanced, line level output phantom powered microphone. In addition, the PM1-LL features adjustable gain and adjustable high cut and low cut filters.

Connects directly to professional mixing consoles or other equipment accepting balanced, 24-48vdc phantom powered line level or microphone inputs.

Substitute for the Crown PZM-11.

Key Features:

  • Low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier
  • Omni-directional 25' pickup pattern
  • 100Hz-16Khz Frequency response.
  • Adjustable lo-cut filter: (100hz to 1Khz)
  • Adjustable hi-cut filter: (5Khz to16Kz)
  • Switch selectable volume range: "Line level" (0db) or "Microphone level" (-30db)
  • Adjustable gain.
  • 100 Ohm balanced output.
  • 24-48v Phantom Power.
  • 1ma current consumption.
  • Transient protected output.
  • S/N ratio: 60DB
  • Sensitivity –44db
  • Temperature range –25 to 85C.
  • RFI filtering.
  • White single gang plate
  • Dimensions: L 4.7” x W 2.9” H 0.9”
  • Weight .1lbs
  • PM1-LL Microphone
  • 2 Plate screws
  • Warning label.
  • Installation instructions.

Available in these other form factors:

  • PM1-LL-LE2 Surface mount version White or black
  • PM1-LL-W Weather resistant Version
  • PM1-LL-WPW Weather proof version
  • PM1-LL-TR Tamper resistant
  • PM1-LL-TRW Tamper and weather resistant

Wiring requirements:

2 conductor shielded (with drain wire) 22 gauge stranded. Max cable length 1000’ line level, 500’ mic level.



All of ETS items are special built to order items. The moment the order is sent to ETS, they will start production/building. This will take around 1-2 weeks depending on the line of production, volume of your order, etc. Please plan accordingly. We will enter tracking as soon as it becomes available to us. If you have any questions feel free to contact the customer service team at or call us at 214-948-1300 x 411.

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