ETS SA1-MP Speaker Driver - 70V / 8 Ohm 10 Watt

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  • ETS SA1-MP Speaker Driver - 70V / 8 Ohm 10 Watt
  • ETS SA1-MP Speaker Driver - 70V / 8 Ohm 10 Watt
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ETS SA1-MP Speaker Driver - 70V / 8 Ohm 10 Watt

The SA1-MP is a line level in to 10 Watt, selectable 70V or 8 Ohm speaker driver (power amplifier) typically for use in 2 way audio surveillance systems. Directly connects to DVRs and remote monitoring equipment. The SA1-MP. can also be used in any single zone public address application. Use one of our Sound Surveillance speakers with a built in 70V transformer to permit speaker cable runs up to 1000 feet.

The SA1-MP is a single / multi -speaker driver designed to connect to the audio output of DVRs, I/P cameras etc, for two way audio applications. The SA1-MP can also be connected to STWX base stations for increased speaker power or existing PA systems using 70v speaker lines. Note- the audio “line″ input of the SA1-MP is “line level″ (0db).

Key features of ETS SA1-MP

  • RCA or 3.5mm input connector (specify upon ordering).
  • Input: 70v line or 0dB (line level), switch selectable.
  • Output: 8 Ohm direct or 70V, switch selectable.
  • 10 Watts RMS output power.
  • Output short circuit protected.
  • Adjustable Volume level.
  • Frequency response: 200-15Khz
  • Fused, 16.5VAC power input.
  • Compatible with all ETS STWx base stations
  • Built in 70V 10w audio power transformer.
  • Euro-style connectors makes speaker and microphone cable terminations fast and clean.
  • Dimensions: L 5.3 x W 3.3 x H 1.6
  • Made in USA
Wiring Requirements
  • Speaker cable run: stranded 22- gauge, 2-conductor:
  • 70V mode: cable: 1000 feet max
  • 8 Ohm mode: 100 feet max.


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Additional Information

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1-year Manufacturer Warranty
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