ETS SM1-BP-SS-LN Ultra Low Noise, High Sensitivity Boundary Microphone

Brand: ETS
Part Number: SM1-BP-SS-LN
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ETS SM1-BP-SS-LN Ultra Low Noise, High Sensitivity Boundary Microphone

Highest performance, uni-directional, boundary type, pre-amplified microphone for fixed location security applications. Benign appearance is ideally suited for POS and interrogation / interview rooms.

Key Features:

  • Ultra low noise / high sensitivity
  • Adjustable high and low frequency cut off filters. Useful for reducing back ground noise.
  • Directional boundary pickup pattern helps reduce ambient noise.
  • Adjustable automatic level control with a compression ratio range of1:1 to 10:1. The circuit automatically lowers the gain in loud environments and when quiet, raises the gain where faint audio sources such as people whispering can be heard.
  • Universal Power input: Accepts 12-60VDC or 9-42VAC
  • Directional 25' pickup pattern, -6db attenuation on all sides.
  • Low noise MOSFET pre-amplifier.
  • 80db S/N ratio, -28db sensitivity ECM capsule.
  • 500Hz-16Khz Frequency response (hi-cut and lo-cut off)
  • Adjustable lo-cut filter: (500hz to 1Khz)
  • Adjustable hi-cut filter: (5Khz to16Kz)

Connects directly to our switcher / mixer / amplifiers or use one of our many interface products to make fast and clean connections to DVRs or remote monitoring equipment.

  • SM1-BP-SS-LN Microphone.
  • Mounting screws.
  • Warning label.
  • Installation instructions.

Wiring requirements:

2 conductor shielded (with drain wire) 22 gauge stranded. Max cable length 1500

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