ETS SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone

Brand: ETS
Part Number: SM1-WBE
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  • ETS SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone
  • ETS SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
  • Direction : Omni-directional


ETS SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone

The SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone is a weather resistant bullet microphone. It is an economical, weather resistant, bullet-style microphone for indoor, outdoor applications for use with DVRs, I/P cameras, CCTV monitors with built-in speakers, one and two-way remote monitoring equipment and accessories. It includes an adjustable gain control.

Built in limiter circuit automatically lowers the output level during loud sound intervals. The SM1-WBE is designed to be surface mounted on any flat surface. The “swivel″ mount permits the user to point the microphone in any direction. The ETS SM1-WBE Omni Directional Microphone connects directly to our switcher, mixer, and amplifiers or use one of our many interface products to make fast and clean connections to DVRs or remote monitoring equipment.&

ets sm1-wbe omni directional microphone

Key Features:

  • Omni-Directional: 25' pickup pattern
  • Frequency Response: 500Hz-13Khz
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40F to 221F
  • Peak Limiter: 5 sec. response time 100 Ohm unbalanced output
  • Potted Internal Electronics: ideal for high vibration and harsh environments
ets sm1-wbe omni directional microphone>

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1-year Manufacturer Warranty
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