ETS SMEQ-1 Seven Band Equalizer IP Camera Microphone Interface

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Part Number: SMEQ-1
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ETS SMEQ-1 Seven Band Equalizer IP Camera Microphone Interface

The SMEQ-1 is a 7 band audio equalizer and DVR, IP camera interface designed to be used with ETS SM1 series microphones. The SMEQ-1 can also be connected in between a SM1 series microphone and any ETS base station. Provides +/-12db sound emphasis or de-emphasis of 7 ranges of frequencies (60hz-15khz) for acoustically difficult environments such as interrogation / interview rooms. The user can tune out unwanted background noise and emphasize the desired sound source.

Key Features:

  • Connect any ETS SM1 series microphone directly to the SMEQ-1
  • Includes RCA (or specify 3.5mm) patch cable and 12Vdc AC adaptor
  • 7 frequency band controls: 60hz, 150hz, 400hz, 1Khz, 2.5Khz, 6Khz, 15Khz
  • +/- 12db gain / cut for each frequency band
  • Line level RCA input / output jacks and 3 terminal connectors for connections to ETS microphones, base stations or IP cameras
  • Output level control
  • Reverse polarity protected and fused
  • Black ABS enclosure


All of ETS items are special built to order items. The moment the order is sent to ETS, they will start production/building. This will take around 1-2 weeks depending on the line of production, volume of your order, etc. Please plan accordingly. We will enter tracking as soon as it becomes available to us. If you have any questions feel free to contact the customer service team at or call us at 214-948-1300 x 411.


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