ETS SMEQ-1 Seven Band Equalizer IP Camera Microphone Interface

Part Number: SMEQ-1
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  • Audio Product Type : Surveillance Microphones


ETS SMEQ-1 Seven Band Equalizer IP Camera Microphone Interface

The SMEQ-1 is a 7 band audio equalizer and DVR, IP camera interface designed to be used with ETS SM1 series microphones. The SMEQ-1 can also be connected in between a SM1 series microphone and any ETS base station. Provides +/-12db sound emphasis or de-emphasis of 7 ranges of frequencies (60hz-15khz) for acoustically difficult environments such as interrogation / interview rooms. The user can tune out unwanted background noise and emphasize the desired sound source.

Key Features:

  • Connect any ETS SM1 series microphone directly to the SMEQ-1
  • Includes RCA (or specify 3.5mm) patch cable and 12Vdc AC adaptor
  • 7 frequency band controls: 60hz, 150hz, 400hz, 1Khz, 2.5Khz, 6Khz, 15Khz
  • +/- 12db gain / cut for each frequency band
  • Line level RCA input / output jacks and 3 terminal connectors for connections to ETS microphones, base stations or IP cameras
  • Output level control
  • Reverse polarity protected and fused
  • Black ABS enclosure
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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Audio Product Type:
Surveillance Microphones
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