Geovision GV-Vital Sign Monitor Software 55-VSM00-000

Brand: Geovision
Part Number: GV-Vital Sign Monitor
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Geovision GV-Vital Sign Monitor Software

The GV-Vital Sign Monitor is event-alert text messages service recommended for a large cluster of networked GV-System / GV-VMS where an enormous amount of maintenance service is required. When any online GV-System / GV-VMS is event-triggered, instant text messages will be sent to GV-Vital Sign Monitor for IT operator to proceed with maintenance on the GV-System / GV-VMS cluster. Following the receipt of the messages, the GV-Vital Sign Monitor can activate alarms to the operator's attention while sending emails and SMS alerts to local subscribers. The purpose of adopting GV-Vital Sign Monitor is to help IT operators easily notice GV-System / GV-VMS health status and response instantly to various frequent events. It can co-work with GV-Center V2 Server and serve as many as 1,000 GV-System / GV-VMS simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • View live images from 5 GV-DVR / NVR / VMS, GV-IP Devices and/or GV-SNVR for up to 160 channels (standard version)
  • View live images from 500 GV-DVR / NVR / VMS, GV-IP Devices and/or GV-SNVR for up to 800 channels (Pro version)
  • Receive live images and/or text messages upon user-selected alert events, e.g. video lost, motion detection, I/O module lost, I/O triggered, connection lost, subscriber login/logout, surveillance system abnormality, intruder, missing object, unattended object, POS loss prevention and disk full
  • Send notification via alarms, SMS, and e-mails
  • Two-way audio communication, Remote PTZ and Remote I/O Control
  • Access and view subscriber account information, such as location ID and the number of cameras and I/O devices with their status
  • Multiple monitor configuration for displaying the following across different monitors, as designated by the user: main screen, event list and for displaying user-specified alert events upon occurrence
  • Subscriber schedule to specify monitoring period and send out alerts when the schedule is not followed
  • Alarm reports to detail the course of events
  • E-Map alerts to lay out the locations of triggered cameras and I/O devices within a floor plan
  • Event charts to provide daily, weekly and monthly statistical charts for event analysis
  • Failover server support for uninterrupted monitoring services
  • RSA and AES encryption for a secured network
  • Display 7 types of event messages: alarm, video attachment, connection status, motion detection, subscriber login/logout history, system status, and module trigger
  • Video recordings attachable by event
  • Flag feature for highlighting important events
  • Event Log filters for advanced event search
  • Backup in Access format for later retrievals
  • Customized event tabs and event message colors (Pro version only)
  • Automatic video recording upon user-selected alert events, e.g. motion and I/O trigger
  • Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording for video attachment


  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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All E-license have a standard lead time of 24-72 business hours. The E-license are sent off to the manufacturer for processing and once they are generated we will receive an email with them. If the 72 business hours have passed and you have not received the e-license please call the customer service department at 214-948-1300 x 411 for assistance.

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