Geovision GV-Vital Sign Monitor Software 55-VSM00-000

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Geovision GV-Vital Sign Monitor Software

The GV-Vital Sign Monitor is event-alert text messages service recommended for a large cluster of networked GV-System / GV-VMS where an enormous amount of maintenance service is required. When any online GV-System / GV-VMS is event-triggered, instant text messages will be sent to GV-Vital Sign Monitor for IT operator to proceed with maintenance on the GV-System / GV-VMS cluster. Following the receipt of the messages, the GV-Vital Sign Monitor can activate alarms to the operator's attention while sending emails and SMS alerts to local subscribers. The purpose of adopting GV-Vital Sign Monitor is to help IT operators easily notice GV-System / GV-VMS health status and response instantly to various frequent events. It can co-work with GV-Center V2 Server and serve as many as 1,000 GV-System / GV-VMS simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • View live images from 5 GV-DVR / NVR / VMS, GV-IP Devices and/or GV-SNVR for up to 160 channels (standard version)
  • View live images from 500 GV-DVR / NVR / VMS, GV-IP Devices and/or GV-SNVR for up to 800 channels (Pro version)
  • Receive live images and/or text messages upon user-selected alert events, e.g. video lost, motion detection, I/O module lost, I/O triggered, connection lost, subscriber login/logout, surveillance system abnormality, intruder, missing object, unattended object, POS loss prevention and disk full
  • Send notification via alarms, SMS, and e-mails
  • Two-way audio communication, Remote PTZ and Remote I/O Control
  • Access and view subscriber account information, such as location ID and the number of cameras and I/O devices with their status
  • Multiple monitor configuration for displaying the following across different monitors, as designated by the user: main screen, event list and for displaying user-specified alert events upon occurrence
  • Subscriber schedule to specify monitoring period and send out alerts when the schedule is not followed
  • Alarm reports to detail the course of events
  • E-Map alerts to lay out the locations of triggered cameras and I/O devices within a floor plan
  • Event charts to provide daily, weekly and monthly statistical charts for event analysis
  • Failover server support for uninterrupted monitoring services
  • RSA and AES encryption for a secured network
  • Display 7 types of event messages: alarm, video attachment, connection status, motion detection, subscriber login/logout history, system status, and module trigger
  • Video recordings attachable by event
  • Flag feature for highlighting important events
  • Event Log filters for advanced event search
  • Backup in Access format for later retrievals
  • Customized event tabs and event message colors (Pro version only)
  • Automatic video recording upon user-selected alert events, e.g. motion and I/O trigger
  • Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording for video attachment


  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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