Geovision GV-Web Report (200 ports) 55-QCNTR-000

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Geovision GV-Web Report (200 ports)

The GV-Web Report is designed to integrate and analyze people counting, face counting, and POS data from GV-3D People Counters, GV-DVR/NVR/VMS, and GV-Smart Boxes. Suitable for large-scale video surveillance deployments, it can receive data from up to 1000 units of GV-3D People Counters, GV-DVR/NVR/VMS and GV-Smart Boxes.

Through the Web interface of GV-Web Report, you can access the reports and graphs of real-time, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics on people counts, vehicle counts and face counts. You can also view the live video and the recordings from multiple locations.

Key Features:

  • Support for up to 1000 units of GV-3D People Counters, GV-DVR/NVR/VMS and GV-Smart Boxes.
  • People counting results from GV-3D People Counters, GV-DVR/NVR/VMS, and GV-Smart Boxes
  • Face counting results and snapshots from GV-DVR/NVR/VMS and GV-Smart Boxes
  • POS data from GV-DVR/NVR/VMS
  • Heat Map images from GV-VMS
  • Vehicle counting results based on different object sizes from GV-Smart Boxes
  • Real-time, daily, monthly, yearly counting reports and graphs
  • E-mail notification and I/O trigger when the number of people remaining reaches the specified maximum
  • Counting results query from iPhone, iPad and other Android mobile devices
  • Grouping function to combine desired devices' cameras for data analysis
  • Remote playback of recordings from GV-DVR/NVR/VMS
  • 4 languages supported: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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