Geovision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 GV-Cube NVR 32ch Network Video Recorder - i5 processor, 4TB Storage

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  • Geovision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 GV-Cube NVR 32ch Network Video Recorder - i5 processor, 4TB Storage
  • GeoVision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32
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Geovision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 GV-Cube NVR System

Install the GeoVision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 GV-Cube NVR System for enjoying the latest technological upgrades. This NVR system supports the most updated Intel Core i5 processor with the Haswell 4th generation architecture, latest upgraded NVR system, and the 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7. The security footage is accessible through VGA/DVI-D or HDMI outputs, using a HDMI cable. You can now recover the security footage from the hidden partition that is pre-installed in the system. Using the graphic processing unit (GPU) decoding, the system rapidly manipulates and alters memories to accelerate image creation process in a frame buffer mode for output display.

You can now enjoy flattened images of the security footage from a fisheye camera by using the de-warp feature. The UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 allows you to access the system through smart phones using web interface. With the video analysis feature, you can now have advanced motion detection, privacy mask, scene change detection, and counter options. The GeoVision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32 GV-Cube NVR System supports 29 languages and has dual video streaming feature.

Key Features of the GeoVision UVS-NVR-NC54T-C32

  • Latest Technology: Comes with Intel Core i5 Processor and 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Dual Monitor Display: You can use the VGA/ DVI-D or HDMI outputs to stream the security footage using a HDMI cable.
  • Pre-installed Recovery: Allows memory recovery from the built-in hidden partition.
  • De-warp Function: The system supports fisheye camera to de-warp the surveillance area to provide clearer vision.
  • GPU Decoding: Helps to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to increase image creation in frame buffer mode for display.
  • Web Interface: Allows smart phone access to the IP cameras using web interface
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Warranty Information

2-year Manufacturer Warranty
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Additional Information

Number of camera channels:
32 camera channels
2-year Manufacturer Warranty
Hard Drive Ports:
4 SATA Ports
Product Type:
Recorder Technology:
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
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