Half Height Turnstile, Full Stainless Steel TS-1250

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  • Half Height Turnstile, Full Stainless Steel TS-1250
  • Half Height Turnstile, Full Stainless Steel TS-1250
  • Half Height Turnstile TS-1250
  • Half Height Turnstile TS-1250 Dimensions
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Half Height Turnstile, Full Stainless Steel TS-1250

Oinone, Full Height and Half Height Turnstiles series are robust products functioning indoor and outdoor, provide pedestrian access control in areas requiring high level of security. Cage type structure, manufactured from heavy gauge steel, enhances the strength of the TS-1250, TS-100-S, TS-200-D series to withstand against crowd pressure. Its heavy duty mechanics, ensures smooth operation while controlling thousands of people.

With proven ability to handle massive crowds in places like subways or stadiums, Full Height Turnstiles ensures robust solutions for crowd control.

Available areas:
  • Public transportation (Train Stations, Metro Stations, etc…)
  • Government Offices
  • Public Offices
  • Prison
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Industrial Buildings

Key features:

  • Operation Modes: Unidirectional or Bidirectional, Field Configurable
  • Two LED indicators exist at front and rear side of turnstiles
  • Main body and arm Stainless Steel.
  • Operating Voltage : 220 V AC- 24 V DC
  • Free bi-directional entry-exit control
  • Dimensions :118 x 125 x 118 cm
  • Optional : Buton Control Unit ; Remote Control


Document TS-1250
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Main Body: 304 - Stainless Steel (Op. 316 Quality)

Arms: 304 - Stainless Steel

Standard Dimensions

118 x 125 x 119 cm (W x L x H )

Rotor Systems

With rotating control; tripod arms are positioned at 90 degrees

Rotation Control

Self centering and smooth operation is handled by means of spring and
hydraulic damping mechanism

Energy / Operating Voltage

110 - 240V AC 50/60 Hz (+/- %10) 24V DC

Control Systems

All inputs are opto-coupler protected. Controlled by dry contact or grounding input.
Compatiable with all access control systems that provide dry contact or grounding outputs.

Passage Direction

Bi-Directional operation feature. Entrance-Exit 

Indicators Features

Entrance - Green Arrow / Exit - Red Cross

Flow Rate

20 Passage  /  Minutes / Normally Standard

Number of Passage Lanes

Single Unit

Operating Temperature

-20° C  /  + 50° C

IP Rating

IP 54

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Additional Information

Access Control Type:
Turnstile Type:
Optional RS-232 Control:
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