Hikvision CB140-DM45 Junction Box

Brand: Hikvision
Part Number: CB140-DM45
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  •  Hikvision CB140-DM45 Junction Box
  •  Hikvision CB140-DM45 Junction Box
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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty


Hikvision CB140-DM45 Junction Box

Install the junction box on a flat surface. The included waterproof rubber gasket is necessary for outdoor applications. The wall must be capable of supporting at least three times as much as the total weight of the camera and the junction box. The maximum load capacity of the junction box is 3 kg (6.6 lb).

Key Features:

  • Aluminum Alloy with Surface Spray Treatment
  • Interchangeable Bottom, Water-Resistant Cover, and Side Gland Nut
  • Applies to Indoor and Outdoor Conditions


Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
NDAA Compliance:
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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