ISS SOE-CAM SecurOSTM Enterprise - Camera license (per channel)

Brand: ISS
Part Number: SOE-CAM
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  • ISS SOE-CAM SecurOSTM Enterprise - Camera license (per channel)
  • ISS SOE-CAM SecurOSTM Enterprise - Camera license (per channel)
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ISS SOE-CAM SecurOSTM Enterprise - Camera license (per channel)

The largest and most demanding installations are handled by SecurOS™ Enterprise. Enterprise supports an unlimited number of connected servers managing an unlimited number of cameras and devices. Additionally, Enterprise supports the full complement of ISS Video Analytics Modules on all channels and can be deployed in a standalone deployment or as part of a more enterprise level SecurOS Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) system.

The global standard for video management and video analytics, the ISS flagship video management software, SecurOS Enterprise is the nucleus of a complete surveillance and security management topology. The framework can manage and monitor an unlimited number of cameras (analog or IP) and devices, apply intelligent video analytics, and integrate a variety of disparate systems into one centralized command and control interface. The SecurOS platform is suited for large mission critical applications that involve hundreds or thousands of cameras, sensors and control systems unified into one network.

An unlimited number of cameras, servers, devices, and analytics modules powers enterprise level solutions. SecurOS has no limits whatsoever to how large its network can be.

Scalable system topology generates ready ROI on the system - new functionalities and capabilities can generally be added with minimal software management.

Allows for the integration of analog cameras as well as most industry recognized IP and megapixel cameras.

Security networks of unlimited scope - video or telemetry can be locally or centrally monitored and administrated.

License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, Container Recognition, Object Tracking / Unattended Object Detection, Shrinkage Detection, People Counting, etc.

Open architecture - integrate third party systems and devices into one common monitoring/management platform.

Program rules based complex reactions to complex events to intelligently and dynamically react to real world events. SecurOS provides a unique scripting interface to create new event management capabilities and reactions on the fly.

Advanced analytics and integration of surveillance platform with business process systems allows for proactive action.


From multi-layer maps, custom user-based screens and permissions, to custom forms and GUI, SecurOS allows for complete customization based on user need.

Key features of ISS SOE-CAM

  • Maps module
  • Unlimited I/O channels
  • Unlimited Web connections (SecurOS WebView)
  • Unlimited Operator Workstation connections (Viewing or Admin Client)
  • SecurOS Mobile App support (licensed separately)
  • Support for all ISS Analytics Modules (licensed separately)
  • Support for all ISS SDK/API options (licensed separately)
  • Notification subsystem
  • Macros
  • Scripting Engine
  • Scheduled Archiving (licensed separately)
  • Health Monitoring
  • Edge recording support
  • Time Zone Support
  • Built-in user rights management
  • Integration with AD/LDAP (FREE)

Note: All E-license have a standard lead time of 24-72 business hours. The E-license are sent off to the manufacturer for processing and once they are generated we will receive an email with them. If the 72 business hours have passed and you have not received the e-license please call the customer service department at 214-948-1300 x 411 for assistance.

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