ISS SOP-CAM SecurOSTM Professional - Camera license (per channel)

Brand: ISS
Part Number: SOP-CAM
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  • ISS SOP-CAM SecurOSTM Professional - Camera license (per channel)
  • ISS SOP-CAM SecurOSTM Professional - Camera license (per channel)
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ISS SOP-CAM SecurOSTM Professional - Camera license (per channel)

SecurOS™ Professional is an excellent solution for standalone or multi-server, medium to large video surveillance deployments up to 320 cameras. It has more advanced features than SecurOS™ Xpress, and shares the same core system and graphical user interface as SecurOS Premium and SecurOS Enterprise. SecurOS Professional supports Point of Sale (POS) and ATM integration and can be deployed standalone or as part of a larger SecurOS Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) system.

SecurOS Professional is easy to use, with multiple layers of authorization and management, powerful with long term scalability, and its reliability is time-tested in thousands of mission critical installations. The system can easily be upgraded to the more powerful SecurOS Premium or Enterprise for Video Analytics needs. SecurOS Professional balances feature rich capabilities, ease of use, and value for a great video management and recording solution.

Incorporating such advanced features as camera and device annunciation over multi-layer maps, management capabilities and a powerful event management system, Professional offers the industry leading performance in its class. Combined with a unique wizard based configuration system, allows a deployment to be installed faster and more accurately.

SecurOS Professional supports up to 10 servers, 320 cameras, and wide variety of devices including I/O controls and audio. Professional also supports ISS Smart Video modules such as POS and ATM Transaction Monitoring and Synchronization.

Develop customized user screens based on the needs of each specific security deployment. Watch the cameras from one server or merge cameras from multiple servers into a unified view. Tie in custom interfaces and maps to meet the exact needs of each user.

Allows for the integration of analog cameras as well as most industry recognized IP and megapixel cameras.

Macro based event management for ease of use.

SecurOS Professional is extremely easy to use, with users generally up and running within minutes of system deployment.


SecurOS Professional can easily be upgraded to Premium or Enterprise as your security needs grow.

Key features of ISS SOP-CAM

  • Maps module
  • Unlimited I/O channels
  • Unlimited Web connections (SecurOS WebView)
  • Unlimited Operator Workstation connections (Viewing or Admin Client)
  • Notification subsystem
  • Macros
  • Scripting Engine
  • Scheduled Archiving (licensed separately)
  • Health Monitoring
  • Time Zone Support
  • Built-in user rights management


All E-license have a standard lead time of 24-72 business hours. The E-license are sent off to the manufacturer for processing and once they are generated we will receive an email with them. If the 72 business hours have passed and you have not received the e-license please call the customer service department at 214-948-1300 x 411 for assistance.

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