Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera

Brand: Messoa
Part Number: NCC700
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Messoa NCC700 is cube network camera Messoa NCC700 is 1 3 megapixels camera
Messoa NCC700 is H 264 camera Messoa NCC700 is day night camera

& Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera
The Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera is most ideal for monitoring your home, office, and small business. This camera provides high quality images, and a fast frame rate, with its featured 1.3MP 1280x1024 resolution at up to 30fps. Capable of H.264 and M-JPEG compression, the Cube Network Camera optimizes both bandwidth and storage efficiency, increasing performance without reducing picture quality. & Around the clock monitoring is easy, with intelligent video, and digital day/night functionality. This Messoa Camera also provides easy management of recorded footage with event management, and local storage.

Integrated Motion Detection Sensors detect, and record movement within the cameras field of view at maximum resolution, returning to a lower resolution when no activity is detected. A microSD/SDHC card slot is available for local storage, or backup, with a capacity of up to 32GB. & Easy to install, with a compact, unintrusive design, the Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera even offers plug-and-play & compatibility with the MESSOA Lite NVR Solution. Furthermore, this IP Security Camera supports two-way audio with a built-in microphone, allowing you to hear disturbances within your surveilled area, and communicate with any individuals on your property.&

Key Features of the Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera

  • H.264 compression technology: optimizes bandwidth and storage efficiency&
  • Motion detection sensors: detect movement and records the footage in high resolution, when no activity is detected footage is recorded at a lower resolution
  • Two-way audio support with a built-in microphone: allows you to hear disturbances in your surveilled area, and communicate individuals on your property

Messoa NCC700 1.3MP Cube IP Security Camera

messoa ncc700 1.3mp cube ip security camera

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