Messoa NCR365 3MP Outdoor IR Bullet IP Security Camera - Remote Focus & Zoom

Part Number: NCR365
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  • Messoa NCR365
  • Messoa NCR365
  • Messoa NCR365
  • Messoa NCR365
  • Messoa NCR365
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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Messoa NCR365 3MP Outdoor IR Bullet IP Camera - Remote Focus & Zoom, WDR
The Messoa NCR365 Outdoor Bullet Camera is a professional-grade, three-megapixel bullet camera that is designed for demanding outdoor surveillance. It delivers exceptional image sharpness and view coverage in a way that very few other cameras can manage. Designed for cutting-edge surveillance whether it is day or night, this camera features the proprietary Lumii technology from Messoa which grants it the ability to provide superior image clarity in even the dimmest lighting conditions. Together with the IR Night Vision feature of this camera, these two features allow you to capture high-quality videos even when it's practically pitch black outside.

The 3DNR feature that this camera boasts allows it to quickly compensate for sudden changes in lighting in the environment, meaning that you'll still be able to make out features in your video feed if the lights are turned on or off. It also features a built-in heater and is encased in a weatherproof enclosure, meaning that it can be used even the harshest and most demanding weather conditions. The Messoa NCR365 Outdoor Bullet Camera is the perfect addition to your existing outdoor surveillance system if you're looking for professional grade imagery whether it's night or day.

messoa ncr365 3mp outdoor ir bullet ip camera - remote focus & zoom, wdr

Key Features of The Messoa NCR365 3MP Outdoor IR Bullet IP Camera - Remote Focus & Zoom, WDR

  • Motorized Lens with Remote Zoom and Autofocus: Allows you to remotely adjust the camera for an optimized viewing angle and zoom level
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range: Allows the camera to quickly adjust between high differences in contrast for quality imagery in either extremely bright or extremely dark lighting conditions
  • 3D Noise Reduction: Extends the dynamic range of the lighting conditions that the camera is capable of handling in comparison to conventional WDR
  • Three-Axis Cable Management Bracket: A robust yet easy to install mounting system that makes the setup of this camera exceptionally easy
  • Triple Streaming: Allows for simultaneous H.264 and MJPEG streams with support for multiple profiles

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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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