Pelco SD530-PG-E1 740TVL Outdoor PTZ CCTV Analog Security Camera with Clear Dome and 30x Zoom

Brand: Pelco
Part Number: SD530-PG-E1
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  • Pelco SD530-PG-E1 740TVL Outdoor PTZ CCTV Analog Security Camera with Clear Dome and 30x Zoom
  • Pelco SD530-PG-E1 740TVL Outdoor PTZ CCTV Analog Security Camera with Clear Dome and 30x Zoom
  • Pelco SD530-PG-E1 740TVL Outdoor PTZ CCTV Analog Security Camera with Clear Dome and 30x Zoom

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Lens Type : Motorized (Automatic Zoom) Lens
  • Lens Size : 4.3~129mm Lens
  • Protection Code : IP67
  • Environmental : Outdoor


Pelco SD530-PG-E1 740TVL Outdoor PTZ CCTV Analog Security Camera with Clear Dome and 30x Zoom

Spectra ® V was designed with ease of installation and ease of maintenance inmind.Eachdomesystemconsistsofthreecomponents:abackbox,adome drive, and a lower dome. These three system components are interchange- able with other Spectra V dome systems, making retrofitting and application adjustmentssimple.Also,domedrivesandlowerdomescanberemovedand replaced reducing maintenance time.

Spectra V back box options include the following models: environmental pendant. The Spectra V Series can also be ordered with heavy-duty, pressurized, and stainless steel back box options (refer to the appropriate product specification sheets for more information). Each back box model features built-in back box memory to store camera and location-specific domesettings,includinglabels,presets,patterns,andzones.ApassiveUTP circuit is located on the door assembly for convenient video transmission through twisted pair wire.

Key Features:

  • 30x Zoom Autofocus, Integrated Camera/Optics Packages
  • f/1.4 (focal length, 4.3 ~ 129 mm), FOV: 58.3° at 4.3 mm wide zoom and 2.1° at 129 mm telephoto zoom
  • Environmental Pendant,
  • Day/Night, 740 TVL, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Low Lux Noise Reduction
  • Motion Detection
  • Window Blanking, Horizontal and Zone Blanking
  • Camera Title Overlay, 20 User-Definable Characters
  • On-Screen Compass and Tilt Display
  • Password Protection
  • Built-in Surge and Limited Lightening Protection
  • Integrated Passive Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Circuit
  • Internal Scheduling Clock
  • RJ-45 Data Port for Software Update and Setup
  • On-Screen Compass, Tilt, and Zoom Display
  • 400°/sec Pan Preset Speed and 200°/sec Tilt Preset Speed
  • Rotating Discreet Liner with Sealed Fixed Bubble
  • Variable Scan Speed: Scan Speed Can Be Configurable Between 1 to 40°/sec
  • Pan Motion Allows 0.1 to 150°/sec Pan Speed
  • Built-in Memory Stores Camera/Dome Settings
  • Environmental Pendant Gray Finish Only
  • Quick Disconnect to Dome Drive
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Environmental Model Includes Sun Shield, Fan, and Heater
  • Integrated Passive UTP
Dome Drive

TheSpectraVdomedrive’suniqueintegratedopticspackageincorporates many advanced features that allow the system to produce high quality video in the most difficult environments. All cameras in Spectra V dome drives feature LowLight ™ technology allowing the cameras to compensate for scenes where minimal light is present. The cameras feature built-in motion detection and advanced WDR that enables the system to compensate for scenes where dramatic contrasts in lighting are present.

Lower Dome

Special consideration was taken when designing the Spectra V lower dome bubble to ensure that an optimal optical relationship between the lens and bubble was achieved, providing crystal clear video at long focal lengths.

Dome Systems

Spectra V dome systems feature many software enhancements that increase performance and make configuration and operation easy. An internal scheduling clock allows for the scheduling of presets and patterns. Window blanking enables a user to configure up to eight, four-sided, user-defined privacy areas. Password protection prevents unauthorized users from changing the system settings. Configurable on-screen compass and tilt display provides positioning information when needed. Intuitive multilingual on-screen menus can be displayed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Czech.

SpectraV’s variable speed capabilities range from a smooth, fast pan motion of 400 degrees per second to a smooth “creep” speed of 0.1 degree per second. The system is capable of continuous 360 degrees rotation and has an “auto flip” feature that allows the dome to rotate 180 degrees and reposition itself foruninterruptedviewingofanysubjectthatpassesdirectlybeneaththedome.


Pelco’s Pressurized and Stainless Steel options are designed for harsh environmental installations. The Stainless Steel option meets NEMA Type 4X and IP66 standards. The components (back box and lower dome) provide added protection against corrosive conditions. The IDM4012SS mount is designed specificallyfortheStainlessSteelSpectraVandfeaturesanallstainlesssteel construction and conduit access in the bottom and back of the mount.

Pelco’s Pressurized Spectra V option provides ultimate protection of the camera optics and electronics from moisture, corrosive gases, and airborne contaminants, meeting NEMA Type 6P and IP67 standards when installed properly.Domesarepressurizedwithdrynitrogenbeforeorafterinstallationto stabilize the internal environment. Temperature, pressure, and dew point sensors are placed inside the system to send “Alert” messages when conditions are beyond factory-set limits and allow for real time on-screen monitoring. The lower dome features an innovative single captivated fastener, O-ring seal, and a stainless steel V-band to create an easy and reliable pressure seal. Accessible on the lower dome trim ring is a Schrader valve for system purging and a pressure relief valve. The Pressurized Spectra V SE Series is supplied with a pre-wired cable with mating connector. The cable includes all wires for system functionality, including power, alarms, auxiliaries, coaxial video, UTP video, and serial control.


Additional Information

Motion Detection
Camera Style:
NDAA Compliant
Lens Size:
Lens Type:
Motorized (Automatic Zoom) Lens
Product Series:
Pelco Spectra V Series
Protection Code:
CCTV (Analog CVBS)
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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