Raytec RM200-AI-30 Raymax 200 Infrared Illuminator - 30-60-degree Beam

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: RM200-AI-30
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  • Raytec RM200-AI-30 Raymax 200 Infrared Illuminator - 30-60-degree Beam
  • Raytec RM200-AI-30
  • Raytec RM200-AI-30
  • Raytec RM200-AI-30
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Field of View (Horizontal) : 30°Field of View
  • Color : Black


Raytec RM200-AI-30 IR Illuminator

The Raytec RM200-AI-30 IR Illuminator is an adaptive IR illuminator that casts infrared light of wavelength 850 nm at an angle between 30° and 60°. This illuminator is perfect for semi-covert operations that require that light be shed to help in the resolution of features in a specified perimeter without causing light pollution. Because IR radiation is invisible to the human eye, the light that is shed from this illuminator is in fulfilling this role. The illuminator comes with an accompanying, easy to install bracket which can be used for wall mounting. It also includes an accompanying external power supply which can be switched out with other compatible units to suit your specific surveillance purposes.

This illuminator is capable of casting light at a maximum distance of up to 315ft. away. The illumination angle, which can be adjusted between 30° and 60°, is narrow enough to keep the beam focused on your area of interest without being so narrow as to exclude the peripherals of your perimeter. The Raytec RM200-AI-30 IR Illuminator is the ideal support unit for your nighttime surveillance system.

Key Features:

  • Vandal Resistant Housing: Insures continued performance in spite of physical mishandling
  • Adaptive Illumination: Delivers even illumination by changing the range and the intensity of the cast IR light as needed thanks to Raytec's Hotspot Reduction Technology
  • 30° to 60° Coverage: Perfect for covert and semi-covert surveillance
  • Independently Controllable Power Supply: Allows for the independent adjustment of input power parameters
  • Cool Running Thermal Management: Monitors the heat output of the LEDs and adjusts power accordingly to maximize lifetime

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Infrared Illuminators
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5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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