Raytec RM50-AI-30 Raymax 50 Infrared Illuminator - 30-60-degree Beam

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  • Raytec RM50-AI-30 Raymax 50 Infrared Illuminator - 30-60-degree Beam
  • Raytec RM50-AI-30
  • Raytec RM50-AI-30
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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Raytec RM50-AI-30 Raymax 50 Infrared Illuminator

After dark, the Raytec RM50-AI-30 Infra-Red LED Illuminator keeps your business or home safe with infrared lighting that lets your security cameras keep capturing high-definition images. Requiring practically no maintenance, this illuminator has an estimated working life of 10 years. Surface mount LED technology and Raytec's active LED life support Cool Running system serve to keep heat and stress away from the LEDs, dramatically increasing product reliability and lifespan. A vandal-resistant polycarbonate shell even has you covered in the event of an attempted disruption, resisting impacts from crowbars, bats and gunshots.

The illuminator is easy to install and an innovative adjustable angle design makes it easy to customize to any space. The RM50-AI-30 lets you adjust the lighting angle between 30 and 60 degrees to work around irregular spaces and difficult camera angles. The 850 nm wavelength of infrared light is semi-covert, without sacrificing image quality. For cost savings and environmental performance, high-efficiency LEDs and a complete power management system also serve to lower your electricity bills. With a 246 ft. range, the Raytec RM50-AI-30 Infra-Red LED Illuminator is an essential part of any security system.

Key Features:

  • Easily-adjustable plates let you move the lighting angle 30-60 degrees to work around irregular rooms, obstacles and camera angles
  • 850 nm infrared light provides reliable, semi-covert operation with high-definition image quality
  • High-performance lighting lets you take crisp pictures with a range of 246 ft. even in no-light situations
  • High-efficiency LEDs with surface mount technology and active LED life control ensure consistent operation with a long product life and low electrical bills
  • A polycarbonate lens makes the illuminator vandal resistant to blows from crowbars, bats and even gunshots

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