Raytec VAR2-i8-3 Vario i8 LED Infrared Illuminator - IP66

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: VAR2-i8-3
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  • Raytec VAR2-i8-3
  • Raytec VAR2-i8-3
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Raytec VAR2-i8-3 Infrared Illuminator

The Raytec VAR2-i8-3 Infrared Illuminator is among the highest-performance IR illumination devices on the market today. Designed for compatibility with all CCTV and traffic surveillance installations, this illuminator combines the latest in electronic feedback, optics, remote control, and Green Technology for a comprehensive IR lighting package.

The unique Raytec Beam Pattern system that this illuminator features makes it interchangeably usable with both holographic optics and conventional, “flat″ optics. This feature also enables the illuminator to match the angle of illumination with the desired field of view, to insure that the IR light shed only where it is needed. The accompanying set of interchangeable lenses incorporate Hotspot Reduction Technology that minimize the focusing of the casted beam as much as possible, ensuring that the light that reaches the outfield peripherals on either side is equal in its intensity to that which is cast down the middle of the beam. The optional remote control allows you to setup the illuminated quickly from ground level. The Raytec VAR2-i8-3 Infrared Illuminator is the perfect assistive unit in enhancing the nighttime performance of your existing CCTV surveillance system.

Key Features:

  • LED Status Light: The onboard LED status light allows for instantaneous operational performance feedback after installation
  • Adaptive Illumination: Delivers even illumination by changing the range and the intensity of the cast IR light as needed thanks to Raytec's Hotspot Reduction Technology
  • Remote Controlled IR Power Adjustment: Allows the adjustment of the photocell sensitivity according to the ambient lighting of the area where the illuminator is setup in from ground level
  • Beam Pattern System: Allows for cross compatibility with both holographic and conventional optics
  • Electronic Feedback System: Provides detailed information as to the performance status of each illuminator unit

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