Raytec VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1 Vario IP PoE w8 Network White Light Illuminator

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1
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  • Raytec VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1 Vario IP PoE w8 Network White Light Illuminator
  • Raytec VAR-IP-w8-1
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Color : White


Raytec VAR2-IPPOE-w8-1 White Light Illuminator

The Raytec VAR-IP-w8-1 White Light Illuminator is an IP-enabled white light illuminator for CCTV and traffic surveillance systems. Thanks to the connectivity of this device, you can adjust its beam intensity and monitor its status from the safety and comfort of your control room. This illuminator is designed to cast a beam of well-diffused, well-distributed white light for maximum color resolution. The illuminator also incorporates Hotspot Reduction Technology, which allows it to illuminate objects in the foreground and the background with equal intensity. Not only does this allow it to minimize the formation of detail-robbing hotspots, it also limits the power consumption of the illuminator for energy bill savings.

In addition to its being controllable via network, this illuminator can also be controlled from ground level using an optional remote control. The illuminator also features a status light that indicates the mode that it is operating in, as well as its operational status. The Raytec VAR-IP-w8-1 White Light Illuminator is the perfect addition to maximize the detail capturing abilities of your daytime surveillance system.

Key Features:

  • Vandal Resistant Housing: Insures continued performance in spite of physical mishandling
  • HRT Technology: Increases light diffusion and reduces hotspots in the illuminated area
  • Adjustable Photocell: Allows for automatic operation at three intensity levels
  • Platinum LED Technology: Has an operational lifetime of over 10 years and allows for exceptional color rendition
  • Telemetry Input Control: Allows for ground level operation using the optional handheld remote control
  • IP Controllability: Multiple illuminator units can be adjusted and monitored using a network connection

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Accessory Type:
Infrared Illuminators
5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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