Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario w8 LED White Light Illuminator - IP66

Brand: Raytec
Part Number: VAR2-w8-1
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  • Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario w8 LED White Light Illuminator - IP66
  • Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario White Light Illuminator
  • Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario White Light Illuminator
  • 5 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
  • Color : White


Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario White Light Illuminator

You will never miss a scene in the surveillance area with the Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario White Light Illuminator. Its HRT technology lights up the general area to deliver sharp and clear images. Plus, this technology effectively boosts the performance of the security camera and reduces hot-spots. This white light illuminator indicates the correct voltage and operation, receipt of valid commands, incorrect commands and input voltage. It has Surface Mount Technology and light intensification miniature optics with current controlled LED to offer at least 10 years of illumination life.

The adjustable photocell ensures automatic on/off operation, while the telemetry control input allows for remote operation. The LED status indicator helps in providing a quick operational feedback on how the illuminator has been performing. Offering a great potential for energy conservation, the telemetry control and timer mechanism are extremely useful features built into the illuminator. This Raytec VAR2-w8-1 Vario white light illuminator features interchangeable diffuser lenses that provide illumination angles of 10°, 35°, 60° and custom angles as an option.

Key Features:

  • HRT Technology: improves the security camera's performance and reduces hot-spots
  • Adjustable Photocell: features three intensity levels for automatic on/off operation
  • Holographic Lens System: offers a flexible performance
  • Vandal Resistant: shields the illuminator from attempts of sabotage
  • Telemetry Control Input: allows for remote operation

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Accessory Type:
Infrared Illuminators
5-year Manufacturer Warranty
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