Speco D8RS1TB 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder with 1TB HDD included

Brand: Speco
Part Number: D8RS1TB
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  • Pre-Installed Storage : 1 TB


Speco D8RS1TB 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder, 1TB HDD included

Backup your surveillance data using the Speco D8RS1TB 8-Channel DVR with Mobile Support, 1TB. This system is equipped with an 8-channel digital video recorder (DVR) embedded with network capabilities and a free DDNS server. The customizable programming options come with a simple user interface model that helps you record motion detection feed, sensor images, schedule, continuous and manual modes. Thanks to the EZrecord feature, recording feeds are extremely easy and is done at the rate of 120fps at D1. The system supports the H.264 video compression format.

The built-in S.M.A.R.T technology performs special functions such as self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting. The synchronized streaming feature helps to transfer back-up data, playback, and record at the same time. The password protected installation process allows you to access the data through the Speco Tech Multi-Client Software, Web-Viewer, and Mobile Viewer mediums. You can also upgrade the Speco D8RS1TB 8-Channel DVR with Mobile Support, 1TB using a USB port or network for newer versions.

Key Features:

  • 8 Channel DVR: Enables easy, interactive interface for recording and other functions
  • Programmable options: Allows recording of motion detection, sensor images, schedules, continuous and manual modes
  • Secured Installation: Provides room for password protecting the installation procedures
  • Integrated SMART Feature: Allows special options for the HDD technology
  • Easy Upgrades: Enables firmware upgrades using a USB port or through a network
  • Network Accessible: Through the Speco Tech Multi-client software, web-viewer, and mobile viewer

Additional Information

Channel Capacity:
8 Channels
DDNS Functionality:
Pre-Installed Storage:
1 TB
Recorder Technology:
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
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