Default Usernames, Passwords and IP Addresses for Surveillance Cameras

Forgotten or lost login credential information needed to access surveillance systems and/or individual components is a fairly common occurrence for A1 customers. Specifically user names, passwords & IP addresses, which are all touched on in this article. The information found on this page will potentially be applicable for a wide-range of system applications and types (including, but not limited to) smaller residential systems on up to enterprise/commercial systems and even Integrators trying to help their customers!

We will warn you that some equipment manufacturers can have ‘advanced product lines’ that also include unique credential protocols. In those cases this information may not/would not apply, and if so, you can also try referencing the installation manual specific to that product. These manuals are often found online by searching your specific part number and then some light digging into those online search listings, but as well the A1 service team can provide manuals to you if you are unable to locate that.

Below is a chart that lists default credentials by manufacturer/brand name. If you or someone with access to your system has changed any default values, then the default credentials would no longer apply unless the equipment in question is first ‘reset’ (resetting equipment is also something the A1 team is happy to help you if needed). Below is an easily referenced chart for you, hope it helps but reach out to us if it does not or for any other service needs you are unable to resolve yourself!

For How to Reset IP Camera to Factory Settings by Brands please click HERE

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask using the chat window below.

*Caps-lock sensitive.

Username: Admin/admin
Password: 12345/123456
IP address: 192. 168.0.100

Arecont Vision
Arecont does not have a default password , but you can reset it to factory settings. Follow these steps

1-Access the camera's web interface by typing the IP in your web browser.
2-Under the Administration or System tab, click on Restore to Factory Default.
3-Once the camera reboots, all settings on the camera will be restored to factory default

For an old system:
Username: Root
Password: Pass
IP Address:

But new generation AXIS cameras have a resetting sequence

1-Remove the Ethernet cable
2-Press and hold the control button and insert the Ethernet cable again while holding the control button.
3-Hold the control button until the amber lights turn on.
4-Then release the button .
5-Wait about 1 minute.
6-When the amber lights turns into the green lights your camera is resetted and your passoword as well

For old models:
Username: service
Password: service
IP Address:
For new models:
You can reset the camera by pushing the reset button about 7 seconds. Or you can reset the NVR by removing the battery on the mainboard (not recommended, at your own risk)

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: admin
Password: admin
IP Address:

For old models (before firmware 5.3.0)
Username: admin
Password: 12345
IP Address:
For new models you can reset password via SADP tool. Please click the link below and follow the instructions on the pdf file
Hikvision password resetting guide

LTS Security
Username: admin
Password: 12345 or123456
IP Address:
For platinum models please click the link below for pdf file.
LTS platinum series password reset

Username: admin
Password: 1234 or model number of camera or
IP address:

Username: admin
Password: meinsm

For old models
Username: admin
Password: 111111 or 1111111
For new models
Username: admin
Password: 4321
IP Address:

Username: admin
Password: admin
IP Address:

For old models:
Username: root or admin
Password: root or admin
For new models:
Username: admin
Password: 1234
IP Address:

Username: ubnt
Password: ubnt
IP Address:

Username: admin
Password: 12345

None . You can choose your own password after setup. If you want to reset it
1-Press and hold down the reset button for at least 1 minute
2-Power on the camera until the red light flashes rapidly
Now your camera is back to factory default without any password.

For other brands usernames and passwords please see below

Camera Manufacturer Username Password Default IP
3xLogic admin 12345
ACTi Admin or admin 123456
American Dynmics admin admin
Arecont Vision admin no set password no default/DHCP
Avigilon admin admin no default/DHCP
Axis root pass or no set password
Basler admin admin 192.168.100.x
Bosch service service
Bosch Dinion no set password
Brickcom admin admin
Canon root Model# of camera
CBC Ganz admin admin 192.168.100.x
Cisco no default no set password
CNB root admin
Costar root root unknown
Dahua admin admin
Digital Watchdog admin admin
DRS admin 1234
DVTel Admin 1234
DynaColor Admin 1234
FLIR admin fliradmin
Foscam admin [leave blank] unknown
GeoVision admin admin
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234 no default/DHCP
IOImage admin admin
IPX-DDK root Admin or admin
IQInvision root system no default/DHCP
JVC admin Model# of camera no default/DHCP
LTS Security admin 123456
March Networks admin [leave blank] unknown
Merit Lilin Camera admin pass no default/DHCP
Merit Lilin Recorder admin 1111 no default/DHCP
Messoa admin Model# of camera
Mobotix admin meinsm no default/DHCP
Northern admin 12345
Panasonic admin 12345
Panasonic admin1 password
Pelco admin admin no default/DHCP
PiXORD admin admin
PiXORD root pass
QVIS Admin 1234
Samsung root 4321 or admin
Samsung admin 4321 or 1111111
Sanyo admin admin
Sentry360 Admin 1234
Sony admin admin
Speco root root
Speco admin admin
StarDot admin admin no default/DHCP
Starvedia admin no set password no default/DHCP
Toshiba root ikwb
Trendnet admin admin
UDP root unknown unknown
Ubiquiti ubnt ubnt
W-Box admin wbox123
Wodsee admin [leave blank] unknown
Verint admin admin no default/DHCP
VideoIQ supervisor supervisor no default/DHCP
Vivotek root no set password no default/DHCP

Seth ADAMS & Anthony SADA