Ubiquiti AP-5AC-90-HD-US 5GHz AC Sector Antenna

Part Number: AP-5AC-90-HD-US
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  • Ubiquiti AP-5AC-90-HD-US 5GHz AC Sector Antenna
  • Ubiquiti AP-5AC-90-HD-US 5GHz AC Sector Antenna
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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Ubiquiti AP-5AC-90-HD-US 5GHz AC Sector Antenna

3x30 degree Airmax AC Sector antenna. Can mount three Rocket 5 AC Prisim radios. 90 Degree total coverage for high density deployments. Each Rocket radio independently transmits and receives.

Ubiquiti Suffix Explanation: if a Ubiquiti product has a -US suffix at the end it means that it follows FCC regulations and is locked into their frequencies. It will only work on channels approved by the FCC. Products without the -US suffix can be used anywhere, but do be sure to understand the legal issues if you are inside the U.S. and trying to use non-approved channels with a non-US product.

Key Features of the Ubiquiti AP-5AC-90-HD-US

  • 3x30 Degree Airmax AC Sector Antenna Mount
  • Mounts 3 Rocket 5 AC Prism Radio compatibility
  • 90 degree total coverage
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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Wireless Antenna
5 GHz
22 dBi
1-year Manufacturer Warranty
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