Ubiquiti NSM3-US - Atheros MIPS 24KC, 32 MB SDRAM, 150+ Mbps throughput

Brand: Ubiquiti
Part Number: NSM3-US
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Ubiquiti NSM3-US NanoStationM AirMax CPE Router

Establish network connectivity over a wide area with Ubiquiti NSM3-US NanoStationM AirMax CPE Router. This unit includes a 400MHz Atheros processor as well as 32MB of SDRAM and 8MB of flash memory. This router is enclosed in a UV stabilized plastic, which helps withstand harsh elements. This device is easy to deploy and use.

Ubiquiti Suffix Explanation: if a Ubiquiti product has a -US suffix at the end it means that it follows FCC regulations and is locked into their frequencies. It will only work on channels approved by the FCC. Products without the -US suffix can be used anywhere, but do be sure to understand the legal issues if you are inside the U.S. and trying to use non-approved channels with a non-US product.

Key Features:

  • Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz processor
  • 32 MB SDRAM, 8 MB flash memory
  • 2 x 10/100 BASE-TX (Cat5, RJ-45) Ethernet interface
  • 9+ miles (15+ km) range &
  • 150+ Mbps throughput &
  • ETSI300-019-1.4 Shock and vibration
  • RoHS compliance &
  • Worldwide/USA: 3400-3700 Operating frequency
  • 25 dBm Output power
  • 12.2 - 13.7 dBi Gain&
  • 28 dB Cross-pol Isolation
  • 1.4:1 Max VSWR &
  • 60° (H-pol) / 60° (V-pol) / 20° (Elevation) beamwidth &
  • 24 V, 1 A (8 W) Power Supply
  • Power Method Passive Power over Ethernet (pairs 4, 5+, 7, 8 return)


Frequency 900MHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 3GHz
Throughput 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps
Range 10+ km 13+ km 5+ km 15+ km
Frequency 3.65GHz 5GHz 5GHz
Throughput 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps 150+ Mbps
Range 15+ km 15+ km 10+ km

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Accessory Type:
Wireless Access Point
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