Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE

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  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
  • Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE
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Ubiquiti U-LTE-US 802.3at UniFi Redundant WAN over LTE

Avoid Internet downtime and lost productivity by adding a U-LTE to your existing UniFi Network.

U-LTE uses the AT&T LTE network to provide backup Internet connectivity to ensure your UniFi WAN Network is always running. Each defined network can be configured for ability to use LTE failover when it is necessary. Coverage and availability depends on the AT&T LTE network.

ust plug in to any switch port in your corporate network, activate the device by selecting a plan and entering payment information, and enjoy the first 1 GB on us. The plan is $15/month (includes 1 GB), and is $10/GB after the first GB.

Speed is dependent on AT&T Network Coverage.

Key Features:

  • 2x2 Category 4 LTE Radio
  • External LTE Antenna Interface
  • PoE In/Out Flexibility
  • Max Power Consumption: 8.5W
  • Power Supply: UniFi PoE Switch
  • Power Method: 802.3at
  • Operating Frequency: 2400 ‑ 2483.5 MHz
Required device for operation:
  • UniFi Dream Machine Pro
  • UniFi Dream Machine
  • UniFi Security Gateway
Status Display

For easy monitoring, the 1.5" screen displays status information, such as failover status: ready or active. It also lets you track your LTE data usage during a failover for the current billing period.

Long-Range Applications

The UniFi LTE offers excellent coverage with its internal high‑performance antenna. Should you require greater LTE coverage and performance, you can attach an optional high‑gain antenna to the RP‑SMA antenna connector for a stronger signal. The external antenna can be mounted outdoors to optimize positioning.

The Convenience of PoE

The UniFi LTE can be placed anywhere since it can be powered by 802.3at PoE+ from a UniFi PoE switch. There's no need to keep it in the server room or network closet. A secondary port offers bridging and passive PoE passthrough – useful for a camera, AP, or other device.

Mounting Flexibility

Mount the UniFi LTE in a location that receives a strong signal * from the AT&T LTE network. Wall, adhesive, and desktop mounting options are offered to suit your specific application. * Bandwidth is dependent on coverage.

Management Capabilities

The UniFi Network Controller can provision UniFi devices, map out networks, and quickly manage system traffic. Important network details are logically organized for a simplified, yet powerful, interface.

Network Overview

From a single pane of glass, view network topology and configuration, real‑time statistics, and debugging metrics. Monitor your network’s vitals and make on‑the‑fly adjustments as needed.

Deep Packet Inspection

Ubiquiti’s proprietary Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine includes the latest application identification signatures to track which applications (and IP addresses) are using the most bandwidth.

Detailed Analytics

The UniFi Network Controller provides configurable reporting and analytics to manage large user populations and expedite troubleshooting. Advanced search and sorting capabilities make network management more efficient.

Multi-Site Management

A single controller running in the cloud can manage multiple sites: multiple, distributed deployments and multi‑tenancy for managed service providers. Each site is logically separated and has its own configuration, maps, statistics, guest portal, and administrator accounts.

RF Environment

Detect and troubleshoot nearby interference, analyze radio frequencies, and choose optimal AP placement. The auto‑optimize feature configures the UDM‑B with best practice settings, and the included radio AI capability optimizes channel selection using a genetic algorithm.

Advanced RF Performance

RF performance and configuration features include spectral analysis, airtime fairness, band steering, and cell‑size tuning.


Create multiple LAN and WLAN groups and assign them to the respective UniFi devices and VLAN tags.

Predictive Maps

Upload a map or use Google Maps to represent the areas where your UniFi devices are located. Use the predictive map feature* to get a preview of coverage, and to help you avoid dead spots.

Wireless Uplink

Wireless Uplink functionality enables wireless connectivity between APs for extended range, wireless adoption of APs in their default state, and real‑time changes to network topology.

Guest Portal/Hotspot

Configure custom settings, including authentication, Hotspot setup, and the option to use your own external portal server. * version 5.6 or higher

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Dimensions66 x 202.12 x 32.2 mm
(2.60 x 7.96 x 1.27")
With Mounting
200 g (7.06 oz)
316 g (11.15 oz)

(2) 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ports WP7603 LTE
Ethernet, Bluetooth
Max Power Consumption8.5W
Power Method802.3at
(Pairs 1, 2+; 3, 6‐; Pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8‐))
Power SupplyUniFi PoE Switch
Voltage Range44 to 57VDC
LCM1.54" Display
LTE CategoryCat 4
LTE BandsB2/4/5/12
LTE Antenna(1) 2x2
Operating Frequency2400 ‐ 2483.5 MHz
MountingWall, Desktop
Operating Temperature‐10 to 50° C (14 to 122° F)
Operating Humidity5 to 95% Noncondensing
CertificationsFCC, IC, PTCRB, AT&T
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