Videotec HOV32K2A720 Aluminium housing with IPM technology for IP cameras

Brand: Videotec
Part Number: HOV32K2A720
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  • Color : White
  • Environmental : Outdoor


Videotec HOV32K2A720 Aluminium housing with IPM technology for IP cameras

The HOV Hi-PoE IPM housing optimally exploits POE and Hi-POE technology, using the power supplied by the Ethernet cable as the sole source of power for all connected devices, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility of the network system as well as user-friendly installation and low costs. The innovative IPM (Intelligent Power Management) system enables extremely quick and easy installation with the use of a single Ethernet connecting cable. The Hi-POE IPM system automatically detects all the options, like heating, fan and illuminator and then autonomously balances the power to ensure suitable distribution of the same to the connected devices. This guarantees the optimal operation of the IP camera between -30°C (-22°F) and +60°C (140°F), with heat regulation and cold start (activation at low temperature). The Analogue system, with previously installed camera housings, can be retrofitted on IPM system simply by changing the slide and the internal electronics. This enables the digital conversion, speeding up the installation and thereby minimizing costs and environmental impact.

Key features:

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at/PoE Plus
  • PoE/Hi-PoE power supply for heating, demisting, illuminator, fan and PoE network camera
  • Special cable gland for a fast Ethernet connection/disconnection without cutting the RJ45 connector
  • Version with fan with double air filter
  • Version with anti-icing heated glass
  • Pre-arranged to supply a GEKO IRH illuminator
  • HOV housing for Power Over Ethernet cameras with IPM technology, heater for glass de-icing.
  • UL and cUL listed


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Accessory Type:
Housing Enclosure
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