Altronix BL3KSP 48V Battery Leads Kit

Brand: Altronix
Part Number: BL3KSP
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Altronix BL3KSP 48V Battery Leads Kit

Altronix BL3KSP Battery Leads Kit consists of red and black 18” battery leads and three (3) yellow 8” battery jumpers. It allows for connection of up to four (4) batteries to a power supply/charger for up to 48VDC backup. Battery leads feature 0.25” pushin connectors compatible with Altronix batteries’ terminals on one end and a properly stripped wire on the other. Jumpers feature 0.25” push-in connectors on both ends.

Key Features:

  • Electrical Rating
    • Up to 600V.
  • Physical and Environmental
      • Dimensions:
        • Gauge 18AWG.
        • Leads Length 18” (457mm).
        • Jumper Length 8” (203mm).
  • Temperature
    • Operating 0ºC to 49ºC (32ºF to 120ºF).
    • Storage -20ºC to 70ºC ( -4ºF to 158ºF).
    • Relative Humidity 85% +/- 5%.


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