Altronix TV2Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/HID-Vertx

Brand: Altronix
Part Number: TV2
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Altronix TV2Trove2 Backplane for Altronix/HID-Vertx

TV2 is an backplane for Trove enclosures that accommodates a variety of Vertx boards with Altronix Power Supply/Chargers and Sub-Assemblies.

Key Features:

  • Features
    • 16 AWG backplane.
    • Includes mounting hardware.
      • Accommodates the following HID VertX® controllers with or without Altronix power/accessories:
        • - HID VertX® V100, V200, V300, V1000, V2000, and Genetec Synergis Cloud Link
        • - Altronix Power Supplies
        • - Altronix Sub-Assemblies
    • Simplifies board layout and wire management
    • 16 AWG galvanized steel


Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
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