Altronix VB6 Voltage Booster - Converts 24VAC to 56VDC @ 30W

Brand: Altronix
Part Number: VB6
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Altronix VB6 Voltage Booster - Converts 24VAC to 56VDC @ 30W

Altronix VB6 is a cost-effective 56VDC/30W UL Listed limited power supply. It is intended to power PoE related products such as the CAT5 to Coax cable Managed Ethernet Midspan receiver eBridge4PCRX and the transceiver with integral managed PoE/PoE+ switch eBridge4SK. VB6 provides two sets of output terminals to facilitate connection for up to two devices. It is powered by a 24VDC/24VAC Class 2 rated transformer/power supply.

Key Features:

  • Input
    • 24VAC @ 1.5A or 24VDC @ 1.5A.
  • Output
    • Two (2) 56VDC outputs with up to 30W combined total power.
    • Electronically filtered and regulated outputs.
    • Built-in overload protection.
  • Features
    • Input and Output LEDs.
    • Spring terminals.
  • Temperature
    • Operating 0ºC to 49ºC (32ºF to 120ºF).
    • Storage - 20ºC to 70ºC ( - 4ºF to 158ºF).
    • Relative Humidity 85% +/- 5%.
    • BTU/Hr. (approx.): 15 BTU/Hr.


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