Altronix Access Control

Altronix Access Control

Many access control and surveillance industry professionals agree that Altronix access control products provide some of the best results when building an effective system. The products below allow for more effective power management throughout a given system and are built to last through constant use. Furthermore, these products are effective when used with fire alarms and safety systems. Keep your system running smoothly by ordering one of the products below today from A1 Security Cameras!

Altronix AL1012ACMCB220 Access Power Controller with Power Supply/Charger, 8 PTC Class 2 Relay Outputs

What is Altronix Access Control used for?

Altronix access control typically serves a supportive function for surveillance, safety, and access control systems. Not only do the devices feed the appropriate amount of power to each system, but Altronix access control also makes integrating each system into one much easier than ever before. 

What is an Altronix power supply?

Used widely by access control and security camera system installers, an Altronix power supply is one of the most efficient products to keep your system running. While some may have an emergency battery system built-in, the majority of Altronix power supply systems actually reduce the incoming power from where it is installed to levels acceptable for low voltage products like security cameras, alarms, and more.