Arecont Vision AV2115 2MP Indoor Box IP Security Camera

Part Number: AV2115
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Arecont Vision AV2115 2MP Indoor Box IP Security Camera

Arecont Vision AV2115 Full HD 1080p Color IP MegaVideo Camera is a state-of-the-art security device which delivers videos with high-definition resolution up to 1920 x 1080. The integrated casino mode means the camera maintains continuous full-motion recording at 30 fps.

Arecont Vision's innovative MegaVideo image processing helps the camera perform 80 billion operations per second to deliver full resolution videos and region of interest streams. The forensic zooming feature allows you to zoom in on specific portions of the live recording or after-event video, while simultaneously recording the full field-of-view in HD. This makes for simple previewing and analysis of CCTV video footage in the case of criminal and other legal cases.

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature means both power and data can be transferred over a single Ethernet network cable, which helpfully eliminates the need to install the camera near a power supply. The camera triggers an alarm if any movement is detected in up to 1024 distinct motion detection zones, making video recording very efficient. You can even protect the privacy of people in the surveillance area by blocking multiple regions of a video in almost any arbitrary shape.

Video footage is stored either in MJPEG or H.264 (MPEG4, Part 10) compression format. The latter uses less network bandwidth and ensures that your file size is small, without compromising on quality. Data management is efficient as you can send videos using up to 8 concurrent, non-identical streams with different frame or bit rates, resolutions, and picture quality.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled high-definition resolution at 1920 x 1080
  • Casino Mode to ensure consistent 30 fps recording
  • Operates in areas with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux (non-binned) to ensure clear images even in low-light conditions
  • MoonLight mode offers extended exposure and proprietary noise cancellation
  • Dual encoder H.264 (MPEG Part 10) and MJPEG
  • Multi-streaming function enables you to stream up to 8 concurrent, non-identical streams with different frame-rates, bit-rates, resolutions, and picture quality
  • Allows you to zoom into specific areas of either a live recording or after-event video when recording the full field-of-view in HD
  • Flexible cropping to eliminate unnecessary portions of an image
  • Bit rate control feature to maintain the required bandwidth and storage size
  • Backlight compensation adjusts video gain to correct the exposure when the object being captured is in front of a bright light
  • Auto Exposure (AE) and Gain Control (AGC) >120dB
  • Automatic gain control adjusts the signal strength to maintain a constant brightness level
  • Auto multi-matrix white balance
  • Programmable resolution, brightness, saturation, gamma, sharpness, and tint
  • Picture-in-Picture offers simultaneous delivery of full field-of-view and zoomed images
  • Programmable shutter speed to help control motion blur
  • Motion detection triggers an alarm when movement is detected in a designated portion of the video display
  • Privacy masking allows you to enables video to be blocked in multiple regions in almost any arbitrary shape
  • Electronic 180° image flip

Additional Information

Camera Style:
Network (IP)
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):
True WDR 120dB
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