Arecont Vision Security Cameras

Arecont Vision Security Cameras

Geared more towards commercial surveillance, Arecont cameras have been a popular choice for businesses and institutions since the companies founding in 20003. Now sporting the AV costar label since the company's purchase by Costar Technologies in 20018, Arecont cameras typically pair with Arecont Vision recording equipment while remaining competitive in the industry thanks to the implementation of popular CCTV features. With network AV costar cameras and Arecont Vision recorders using Contera as a VMS, these CCTV products allow for advanced video analytics accompanied by high-quality video footage. Not necessarily as competitive as the top brands available elsewhere on our site, Arecont cameras still provide some amazing results, especially in the megapixel and multisensor designs. As they are ONVIF compliant, AV Costar cameras can be compatible with other brands when installed correctly and several streaming options that make them more manageable. Purchase your AV Costar and Arecont cameras from A1 Security Cameras today!

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Is Arecont Vision NDAA compliant?

Arecont Vision had taken steps to address NDAA compliance concerns in its products. The company had made efforts to ensure that its surveillance solutions were aligned with the National Defense Authorization Act requirements, particularly with regards to cybersecurity and national security standards. However, Arecont Vision is not NDAA compliant in the latest updated list. You can read all the details in our NDAA compliance complete guide blog post.

Common Questions about Arecont Vision Security Cameras

Where are Arecont cameras made?

Arecont Vision security cameras are manufactured in both the United States and China. In addition, the MegaIP and many newer Arecont Vision security cameras are developed in countries considered NDAA compliant or in the United States itself. With that said, older models might be incompatible with current guidelines at the time of writing.

Arecont Vision Security Cameras

How do I default my Arecont camera?

Unfortunately, there is no physical way to reset a given AV Costar or Arecont camera. However, the process is easily conducted through the programming implemented through the setup process. With the AV IP Utility Tool, you can click through Discovery, then highlight the camera you need to reset before initiating the process by clicking one of two processes (Image Settings or Image and Network Settings).

Arecont Vision Security Cameras

Are Arecont cameras NDAA compliant?

In specific instances, yes, but for the most part, AV Costar and Arecont cameras may prove to be incompatible with current NDAA guidelines at the time of writing in 2022. For the most part, A1 Security Cameras has labeled NDAA compliant Arecont cameras as such while we are developing a specific list for those needing something more comprehensive. According to AV Coster in a 2020 press release, many of the ConteraIP Megapixel cameras released after 2020 are NDAA compliant and are advertised as such on the brand’s main site. Since then, the company has worked to develop other types of compliant security cameras and recorders for customers following the guidelines.

Arecont Vision Security Cameras

Arecont Vision and AV Costar Camera Installations in DFW

When applying AV Costar and Arecont cameras purchased from A1 Security Cameras to your business in Dallas Fort Worth, choose our professional installation team to apply each CCTV product. With years of experience throughout the DFW metroplex, our team of technicians has earned a reputation for making the most out of each security camera and access control product purchased by the customer.  When it comes to getting the best possible result when needing surveillance on your business, factory, or institution, trust A1 Security Cameras to get it done. Schedule your appointment with the installation team today!

Arecont Vision Security Cameras