AXIS P1353 1MP H.264 Indoor Box IP Security Camera - 0523-001

Brand: AXIS
Part Number: 0523-001
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  • AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera
  • AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera
  • AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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Technical Support Technical Support
3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Max. Storage Capacity : 64GB Storage Capacity
  • Environmental : Indoor

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AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera

AXIS P1353 is ip camera AXIS P1353 is 2 way audio camera
AXIS P1353 is day night camera AXIS P1353 is video motion detection camera

The AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera comes with many impressive features, making it ideal for indoor surveillance in retail, schools, and large buildings. Using the remote focus feature, you can adjust the device focus from a computer after installation and the pixel counter makes it easy to verify you have the resolution you need. Digital PTZ also allows you to digitally pan, tilt, or zoom in on an image to focus on suspicious activity. The cam also has clear image quality with SVGA resolution. It integrates Axis' Lightfinder technology, an outstanding light sensitivity, with maintained colors even in very poor lighting conditions, is obtained by a combination of Axis' expertise in image processing, system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components.

Edge recording offers flexibility in where you choose to store recorded material. The built-in MicroSD/SDHC card slot can hold memory cards up to 64 GB, and can be used as either the main storage location or as backup storage in addition to the hard drive on a NVR. Axis Camera Companion, a free video management software program, makes it easy to manage movie recorded on a MicroSD card. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and two-way audio support also increase the utility of this AXIS P1353 Day/Night Digital IP Security Camera. It is suitable for a range of video surveillance applications, including government and industrial buildings, retail environments, airports, railway stations, and schools.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Capabilities: such as enhanced video motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af): eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs
  • Two-way Audio Support: two-way communication can be achieved by connecting a speaker with built-in amplifier to the camera connection terminal and a microphone to the computer
  • Advanced Security and Network Management Features: such as HTTPS encryption with preserved performance, IPv6 and Quality of Service
  • SVGA resolution: 800 x 600 with 30 fps
  • Lightfinder Technology: makes the camera extremely sensitive to low light, effectively allowing it to ‘see' colors even in poor-lighting conditions

axis p1353 day/night digital ip security camera

axis p1353 day/night digital ip security camera

axis p1353 day/night digital ip security camera>


User Manual p1353-um-A1.pdf

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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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