Bosch AutoDome VG4-524-PTE0P 500i Intelligent 36x PTZ Security Camera

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: VG4-524-PTE0P
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Bosch AutoDome VG4-524-PTE0P 500i Intelligent 36x PTZ Security Camera

Bosch AutoDome VG4-524-PTE0P is among Boschrsquo;s elite line of security cameras. Bosch security cameras boast industry leading quality and performance. Bosch security cameras include exceptional features making them the perfect solution for any video surveillance system. Below are the key features for Bosch AutoDome VG4-524-PTE0P.

Bosch AutoDome VG4-524-PTE0P Main Features:

  • •& 1/4" Exview HAD CCD imager
  • •& 36x zoom (3.4 -122.4 mm) lens
  • •& Provides high-quality imagery at resolutions up to 540 TVL
  • •& WDR function - corrects extreme lighting environments marked by high-contrast and harsh backlit scenes
  • •& Autoscaling automatically sets up the camera in a default position to view the object at the correct size
  • •& AutoPivot feature automatically rotates and flips the camera to ensure optimal control
  • •& Day/night ICR (Infrared Cut Filter Removal) function - switches between color and B&W as per changes in ambient lighting, ensuring accurate color reproduction in daylight and enhanced B&W images at night
  • •& SensUp Control - enhances the sensitivity by automatically reducing the shutter speed to 1 second
  • •& 360° per second pan/tilt speeds and supports 99 pre-positions and 2 styles of guard tours - preset and record/playback
  • •& Preset tour can support up to 99 pre-positions with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions
  • •& Customize the order and frequency of each preset
  • •& Supports 2 recording tours with up to 15 minutes recording duration
  • •& Supports menu languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, and Polish
  • •& Advanced DSP - provides smooth tracking of images, enabling real-time video processing
  • •& Video Motion Detection - triggers an alarm when motion is detected in a designated portion of the video display
  • •& Supports up to 10 individual regions of interest
  • •& Innovative CTFID (Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices) for remotely changing the camera's settings as well as updating firmware
  • •& Camera uses rules-based logic to manage alarms
  • •& Inputs and outputs with pre-defined and user-specified keyboard commands can be combined for performing advanced dome functions
  • •& Handles 7 alarm inputs including 2 analog inputs that are programmed for EOLR for real-time security applications
  • •& Supports 3 outputs where 1 relay is rated at 2A and 3 additional open collectors are for driving external devices
  • •& Privacy Masking is used to mask specific portions of a scene for security reasons
  • •& Up to 8 masks can be displayed on the same scene
  • •& Each masked area can be programmed with 3, 4, or 5 corners to hide more complex shapes
  • •& Supports Ethernet communication, and allows you to add IP functionality while maintaining connectivity to existing analog inputs and outputs
  • •& Optional hybrid/IP configuration allows the camera to simultaneously stream IP video via LAN or WAN and CVBS video via coaxial cabling
  • •& IP66-rated indoor pendant enclosure
  • •& Includes a rugged polycarbonate tinted bubble for enhanced image clarity
  • •& Built-in diagnostics ensure easy servicing and minimize downtime
  • •& Use the OSD to quickly check the critical parameters such as internal temperature and input voltage level and verify if the dome is functioning within acceptable operating limits
  • •& Pipe mount
  • •& Draws power from a 24 VAC power supply

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