Bosch NBN-80052-BA 5MP Indoor Box IP Security Camera - Lens Options available

Part Number: NBN-80052-BA
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  • Bosch NBN-80052-BA 5MP Indoor Box IP Security Camera - Lens Options available
  • Bosch NBN-80052-BA
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Max. FPS and Resolution : 30fps at 5MP
  • Lens Size : No Lens Lens
  • Sensor Type : CMOS
  • Sensor Size : 1/1.8" Sensor
  • Environmental : Indoor
  • Sensor Size : 1/1.8"


Bosch NBN-80052-BA 5MP Indoor Box IP Security Camera

The DINION IP starlight 8000 MP offers a new standard in round-the-clock video surveillance. Regardless of lighting conditions, time-of-day or object movement, the camera delivers relevant IP video 24/7. Capturing 16:9 images at 5 megapixel resolution (3K) even under extreme low-light conditions, it gives amazing images in fine detail. The camera produces multi-megapixel full-color video in near darkness, and delivers detailed monochrome images where other cameras show no image at all.

Advanced image processing techniques take the DINION IP starlight 8000 MP to the next level. Intelligent Video Analytics tracks and focuses on relevant situations and adds sense and structure to stored video, allowing you to quickly retrieve the correct data.

Intelligent Auto Exposure gives superb front and back light compensation, providing the perfect picture every time.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction saves bitrate at the source and only uses bandwidth when needed. This results in up to 50% less bitrate which significantly reduces storage costs and network strain without compromising on video quality.

Key Features:

  • Remarkable low-light performance (0.0121 lx)
  • Lens Options available
  • 5MP (3K) high detail at fast speeds (30 fps)
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data
  • Low network strain and storage costs
  • Outstanding wide dynamic range (97+16 dB)
Exceptional low-light performance

The latest sensor technology, combined with the sophisticated noise suppression, results in a sensitivity of 0.0121 lx at full 5MP resolution in color and even 0.00825 lx at 1080p resolution. The low-light performance is so good that the camera continues to provide excellent color performance even with a minimum of ambient light.

Measured dynamic range

The dynamic range of the camera is outstanding and is obvious in real-world performance comparisons — 97 dB wide dynamic range for 5MP mode (plus an extra 16 dB when combined with Intelligent Auto Exposure). The actual dynamic range of the camera is measured using Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF) analysis with a standardized test chart based on ISO standards. This method provides more realistic and verifiable results in comparison with the theoretical approximations sometimes used. The system is also extremely robust and is able to reduce false alarms, for example from foliage or shaking objects, even in harsh weather conditions.

Intelligent Auto Exposure

Fluctuations in backlight and front light can ruin your images. To achieve the perfect picture in every situation, Intelligent Auto Exposure automatically adjusts the exposure of the camera. It offers superb front light compensation and incredible backlight compensation by automatically adapting to changing light conditions.

Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction

Quiet scenes with little or no movement require a lower bitrate. By intelligently distinguishing between noise and relevant information, Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction reduces bitrate by up to 50%. Because noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise on video quality. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction adjusts spatial and temporal filtering (3DNR) based on intelligent analysis of the scene content. Motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) reduces motion blur normally associated with standard temporal filtering. This maintains image quality of fast moving objects while still optimizing bitrate. With Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction, our focus is to significantly reduce storage costs, and lessen network strain by only using bandwidth when needed.

Area-based encoding

Area-based encoding is another feature which reduces bandwidth. Compression parameters for up to eight user-definable regions can be set. This allows uninteresting regions to be highly compressed, leaving more bandwidth for important parts of the scene.

Scene modes

The camera has a very intuitive user interface that allows fast and easy configuration. Nine configurable modes are provided with the best settings for a variety of applications. Different scene modes can be selected for day or night situations.

Multiple streams

The innovative multi-streaming feature delivers various H.264 streams together with an M-JPEG stream. These streams facilitate bandwidth-efficient viewing and recording, plus easy integration with third-party video management systems. Depending on the resolution and frame rate selected for the first stream, the second stream provides a copy of the first stream or a lower resolution stream. The third stream uses the I-frames of the first stream for recording; the fourth stream shows a JPEG image at a maximum of 10 Mbit/s.

Storage management

Recording management can be controlled by the Bosch Video Recording Manager (Video Recording Manager) or the camera can use iSCSI targets directly without any recording software.

Edge recording

Insert a memory card into the card slot to store up to 2 TB of local alarm recording. Pre-alarm recording in RAM reduces recording bandwidth on the network, and extends the effective life of the memory card.

Cloud-based services

The camera supports time-based or alarm-based JPEG posting to four different accounts. These accounts can address FTP servers or cloud-based storage facilities (for example, Dropbox). Video clips or JPEG images can also be exported to these accounts. Alarms can be set up to trigger an e-mail or SMS notification so you are always aware of abnormal events.

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Compatible products

Camera mounts - enclosures are essential to install security cameras. Each surface will require different type of mount and bracket combination. Please check with our sales team if you need help. You can call us at (866) 441-2288 or email us at with any design questions.

Additional Information

Camera Style:
Lens Size:
No Lens
Max. FPS and Resolution:
30fps at 5MP
NDAA Compliance:
NDAA Compliant
5MP (3K)
Sensor Size:
Sensor Type:
Network (IP)
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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