Bosch NDE-5503-A 5MP H.265 Outdoor Dome IP Security Camera

Part Number: NDE-5503-A
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  • Bosch NDE-5503-A 5MP H.265 Outdoor Dome IP Security Camera
  • Bosch NDE-5503-A 5MP H.265 Outdoor Dome IP Security Camera
  • Bosch NDE-5503-A 5MP H.265 Outdoor Dome IP Security Camera

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Compression : H.265, H.264, MJPEG,
  • Field of View (Horizontal) : 92°Field of View 29°Field of View
  • Max. FPS and Resolution : 30fps at 5MP
  • Lens Type : Motorized (Automatic Zoom) Lens
  • Lens Size : 3~10mm Lens
  • Sensor Type : CMOS
  • Sensor Size : 1/2.9" Sensor
  • Color : White
  • Environmental : Outdoor
  • Weatherproof : Yes
  • Sensor Size : 1/2.9"


Bosch NDE-5503-A 5MP H.265 Outdoor Dome IP Security Camera

The 5MP outdoor dome cameras from Bosch are professional surveillance cameras that provide high quality images for demanding security and surveillance network requirements. These robust domes are true day/night cameras offering excellent performance day or night. There is a version with a built-in active infrared illuminator that provides high performance in extreme low-light environments.

Key features:

  • 5MP
  • 3~10mm Motorized Lens
  • 1/2.9-inch CMOS Horizontal field of view: 31 degree - 99 degree
  • IR range up to 98ft
  • H.265 Compression
  • Built-in Essential Video Analytics
  • Weatherproof IP66, NEMA4X, Vandal Proof IK10
Vandal resistant outdoor dome with varifocal lens

Ideal for outdoor use, the IK10-rated design is suitable for installations where a vandal resistance is important. The camera is protected against water and dust to IP66 standards. The varifocal lens allows you to choose the coverage area to best suit your application. Mounting options are numerous, including surface, wall, and suspended-ceiling mounting. The automatic zoom/focus lens wizard makes it easy for an installer to accurately zoom and focus the camera for both day and night operation. The wizard is activated from the PC or from the on-board camera push button making it easy to choose the workflow that suits best. The AVF (Automatic Varifocal) feature means that the zoom can be changed without opening the camera. The automatic motorized zoom/focus adjustment with 1:1 pixel mapping ensures the camera is always accurately focused.

Essential Video Analytics

The built-in video analysis reinforces the Intelligence- at-the-Edge concept and now delivers even more powerful features. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for use in controlled environments with limited detection ranges. The system reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes objects, and alerts you when predefined alarms are triggered. A smart set of alarm rules makes complex tasks easy and reduces false alarms to a minimum. Metadata is attached to your video to add sense and structure. This enables you to quickly retrieve the relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimize business processes based on people counting or crowd density information. Calibration is quick and easy – just enter the height of the camera. The internal gyro/accelerometer sensor provides the rest of the information to precisely calibrate the video analytics.

High Dynamic Range

The camera has High Dynamic Range. This is based on a multiple-exposure process that captures more details in the highlights and in the shadows even in the same scene. The result is that you can easily distinguish objects and features, for example, faces with bright backlight. The actual dynamic range of the camera is measured using Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF) analysis according to IEC 62676 Part 5. This method is used to provide a standard result which can be used to compare different cameras.

Content Based Imaging Technology

Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) is used to radically improve image quality in all lighting conditions and to identify areas for enhanced processing. The camera examines the scene using Essential Video Analytics and provides feedback to re- tune the image processing. This provides better detail in the areas that matter and better all-round performance. Intelligent Auto Exposure technology, for example, allows you to view moving objects in bright and dark areas of a scene.

Intelligent streaming reduces bandwidth and storage requirements

The low-noise image and the efficient H.265 compression technology provide clear images while reducing bandwidth and storage by up to 80% compared to standard H.264 cameras. With this new generation of cameras an extra level of intelligence is added with Intelligent Streaming. The camera provides the most usable image possible by cleverly optimizing the detail-to-bandwidth ratio. The smart encoder continuously scans the complete scene as well as regions of the scene and dynamically adjust compression based on relevant information like movement. Together with Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction, which actively analyzes the contents of a scene and reduces noise artifacts accordingly, bitrates are reduced by up to 80%. Because noise is reduced at the source during image capture, the lower bitrate does not compromise image quality. This results in substantially lower storage costs and network strain and still retain a high image quality and smooth motion.

Multiple streams

The innovative multi-streaming feature delivers various H.264 or H.265 streams together with an M-JPEG stream. These streams facilitate bandwidth-efficient viewing and recording as well as integration with third-party video management systems.

Two-way audio and audio alarm

Two-way audio allows the operator to communicate with visitors or intruders via an external audio line input and output. Audio detection can be used to generate an alarm if needed.

Tamper and motion detection

A wide range of configuration options is available for alarms signaling camera tampering. A built-in algorithm for detecting movement in the video can also be used for alarm signaling.

Storage management

Recording management can be controlled by the Bosch Video Recording Manager (Video Recording Manager) or the camera can use iSCSI targets directly without any recording software.

Edge recording

The MicroSD card slot supports up to 2 TB of storage capacity. A microSD card can be used for local alarm recording. Pre-alarm recording in RAM reduces recording bandwidth on the network, or — if microSD card recording is used — extends the effective life of the storage medium.

Cloud-based services

The camera supports time-based or alarm-based JPEG posting to four different accounts. These accounts can address FTP servers or cloud-based storage facilities (for example, Dropbox). Video clips or JPEG images can also be exported to these accounts. Alarms can be set up to trigger an e-mail or SMS notification so you are always aware of abnormal events.

Easy installation

Power for the camera can be supplied via a Power- over-Ethernet compliant network cable connection. With this configuration, only a single cable connection is required to view, power, and control the camera. Using PoE makes installation easier and more cost- effective, as cameras do not require a local power source. The camera can also be supplied with power from +12 VDC/24 VAC power supplies. To increase system reliability, the camera can be simultaneously connected to both PoE and +12 VDC/24 VAC supplies. Additionally, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) can be used, which will allow continuous operation, even during a power failure.

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Compatible products

Camera mounts - enclosures are essential to install security cameras. Each surface will require different type of mount and bracket combination. Please check with our sales team if you need help. You can call us at (866) 441-2288 or email us at with any design questions.

Additional Information

Camera Style:
H.265 H.264 MJPEG
Field of View (Horizontal):
92 29
Key Features:
Lens Size:
Lens Type:
Motorized (Automatic Zoom) Lens
Max. FPS and Resolution:
30fps at 5MP
NDAA Compliant:
Night Vision Range (ft):
5MP (3K)
SD Card Support:
Sensor Size:
Sensor Type:
Network (IP)
Vandal Proof:
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):
True WDR 120dB
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