Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture (LPR) IP Security Camera

Brand: Bosch
Part Number: VER-D2R4-2
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  • Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture IP Camera
  • Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture IP Camera
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Sensor Type : CCD
  • Protection Code : IP67
  • Environmental : Outdoor


Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture (LPR) IP Security Camera

The Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture IP Camera is a dinion capture 7000 dual license plate reader with led camera, 37-64ft capture range, and NTSC w/bracket. It is a specialty camera designed to record consistent, high-quality images of vehicle license plates. It is ideal for monitoring parking lots, public areas and for controlling vehicle access. It overcomes the problems encountered in vehicle identification and automatic license plate recognition applications. The overview camera provides a complete vehicle image in tandem with the plate image for positive vehicle identification.

The Night Capture Imaging System delivers a burst of infrared illumination and simultaneously filters out visible light to ensure clear license plate images in complete darkness while eliminating the negative effects of headlight glare. Advanced Ambient Compensation minimizes plate overexposure from sunlight for more accurate automatic license plate recognition. Adjustable imaging modes allow for fine-tuning the imager for specific regions or license plate recognition algorithms. It has a 1/3inch CCD monochrome lens, a horizontal resolution of 540 TVL, privacy masking, dynamic noise reduction, 20bit image processing and 6 preset programmable modes. Its 2X technology produces clear, consistent and accurate plate images. The IP67 rated compliant, weather sealed aluminum housing keeps dust and water at bay, allowing you to mount the camera outdoors without having to worry about its components getting corroded. The Bosch VER-D2R4-2 DINION License Plate Capture IP Camera is a perfect day/night surveillance solution.

Key features:

  • Night Capture Imaging: records clear pictures of license plates even at night
  • Automatic Mode Switching: allows quick change in the recording mode as per the ambient light
  • Advanced Ambient Compensation: prevents washed out images by automatically correcting overexposure
  • 20-bit Image Processing: records detail in both bright highlights and deep shadows
  • Bilinx Technology: allows bi-directional communication and enables you to change settings
  • Adjustable Imaging Modes: configures according to regional specifications for license plates
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Additional Information

Camera Style:
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Specialized Camera Feature:
License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Network (IP)
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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