ETS PCKS-EA PoE IP Camera/Device Kill Switch

Part Number: PCKS-EA
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  • ETS PCKS-EA PoE IP Camera/Device Kill Switch
  • ETS PCKS-EA PoE IP Camera/Device Kill Switch
  • ETS PCKS-EA PoE IP Camera/Device Kill Switch
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1 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
  • Material : ABS Plastic


ETS PCKS-EA PoE IP Camera/Device Kill Switch

The PCKS-EA is a device designed to interrupt power and streaming of data from a PoE IP camera for privacy and confidentiality purposes. The PCKS-EA is 10/100M data rate compatible and mechanically makes / breaks data lines 1,2,3 and 6 with relays.Typical applications are in interview rooms, interrogation rooms, hospital rooms and patient exam rooms. The PCKS is placed in-line with the camera's CAT5 Ethernet cable. The PCKS is designed to be used with our RRSG rocker switch plate or RKSG key switch plate. When the switch is in the 'on' position, the LED on the RxGP is lit and the IP camera is connected to the Network switch. When the switch is placed in the 'off' position, the camera is disconnected. The RxSG switch connects to the PCKS-EA via a user supplied 3 conductor cable. Supports 10/100M data rates

Key Features:

  • CAT5 I/O Connectors
  • Camera 'off' LED indicator
  • Self contained system, no additional power input required.
  • PoE power indicator
  • Supports 10/100M data rates
  • Makes / breaks pins 1,2, 3 and 6 with relays.
  • A and B mode switch
  • Black plastic ABS housing.
  • PoE power consumption: 2.5 Watts
  • Dimensions: L 3.3 x W 2.0 x H 1.6
  • Weight 0.1lb
Wiring requirements:

3 conductor 22 gauge for connecting RRSG or RKSP wall switch plates.


The PCKS-EA is typically mounted near the IP camera but can be located any place between the camera and the network switch.

CAT5 connections

The PCKS-EA is placed in-line with the CAT5 connection that normally connects to your IP camera. Two standard CAT5 Ethernet cables are required.

Control Voltage Cable Run

Run a 22 gauge, 3 conductor cable between the terminal blocks of the PCKS and the RRSG or RKSG switch plate. This cable can be up to 1000’ in length. See diagram below for connections.

Mode switch

The PCKS-EA supports Both Modes A and B of IEEE802.3af POE. The PCKS-EA is pre-configured for the most common use of the "end point" POE IEEE802.3af standard (mode A). If the power LED does not illuminate in this position, try the mode B position.

Operational notes

10/100M data rates are supported. Pins 1,2,3 and 6 are opened / closed with relays inside the PCKS-EA.

RRSG or RKSG switch plates

Note- the RRSG is a rocker switch plate with LED and the RKSG is a key switch plate with LED. The LEDs of the switch plates will be lit when the IP camera is on-line (connected to the network switch). You can also fabricate your own control switch.

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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
LED Indicator:
Made in:
United States (USA)
ABS Plastic
Network Interface:
1x RJ-45 10M/100M Base-TX Ethernet
Power Consumption:
2.5 Watts
1-year Manufacturer Warranty
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