LTS LPR100 1.3MP License Plate Camera (LPR) Bullet HD-TVI Security Camera - Low Lux Night Display, Enhancement of License Plates

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  • LTS LPR100 1.3MP License Plate Camera (LPR) Bullet HD-TVI Security Camera - Low Lux Night Display, Enhancement of License Plates
  • LTS Security LPR100
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • LTS LPR100 1.3MP License Plate Camera (LPR) Bullet HD-TVI Security Camera - Low Lux Night Display, Enhancement of License Plates
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LTS LPR100 1.3MP License Plate Camera (LPR) Bullet HD-TVI Security Camera

LTS Security LPR100 is a top of the line license plate recognition camera. With 1.3MP, this camera is capable of producing high-quality, 720p video at 30fps. Six white-giant flux IR LEDs light up to extend night vision range to 131ft. Combined with ultra low lux, this camera is quite capable in both day and night settings. This makes it an excellent tool for capturing license plates as, obviously, people also drive vehicles at night!

A 6~22mm varifocal motorized lens allows users to zoom in and out to gain the best image they desire. Furthermore, the 1/30(1/25)s to 1/50,000s shutter speed makes this camera capable at doing what its namesake implies: capturing high-quality images of moving license plates. The very purpose of this camera is to be set up and, adjusted to the angle the user needs, take high-quality videos/images of vehicles as they come and go.

It is best placed at about five feet high, staring straight directly into a license plate or slightly downward toward it. At that angle, it is very difficult for a license plate to go unread unless the driver has taped over their symbols or, in the case of a motorcyclist, intentionally put their hand in front of the license plate to block it. For all other plates, whether they are white symbols on dark backgrounds, or dark symbols on white backgrounds, this is an excellent camera for recognizing and capturing license plates.

IP66 protection standards will ensure that this camera remains operation even amidst inclement weather conditions.

This camera requires an HD-TVI DVR.

Key Features:

  • 1.3MP HD-TVI LPR Camera
  • 30fps @ 720p
  • White light, IR up to 131ft
  • Ultra Low Lux
  • Outstanding Night Vision Functionality
  • 6~22mm Varifocal Motorized Lens
  • Excellent LP capturing
  • Weatherproof
  • HD-TVI DVR Required

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Additional Information

LTS Security
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
Camera Style:
Key Features:
Night Vision (IR)
Product Type:
Specialized Camera Feature:
License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Night Vision Range (ft):
Lens Size:
Lens Type:
Varifocal (Manual Zoom) Lens
Max. FPS and Resolution:
30fps at 1080P
Key Features:
License Plate Capture
Key Features:
Field of View (Horizontal):
Field of View (Horizontal):
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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Ronda R.

    Dec 6th 2017

    LTS is good at making security camera. The LPR100 is really a tope of the line camera for recognition of license plates. The 1.3MP camera is capable of generating solid 720p video at 30fp. You can compare the results LPR100’s result is far superior to others.

  • 5
    Joshua M.

    Nov 21st 2017

    The most stunning thing about this camera is its 1/30 (1/25)s to 1/50,000s shutter speed which is quite brilliant. I have never experienced the level of clarity in the license plate pictures that it has taken. It is a sensation product with because it can take the photos at night with the same clarity as well.

  • 5
    Mandy M.

    Nov 18th 2017

    An excellent product for license plate reading whether the number or symbols are black in color on white background or vice versa you can read them clearly. It has the ability to high resolution shots with its Ultra Low Lux Vari-focal Motorized lens clearly if the vehicle is within 131-degree of its visual range.

  • 5
    Barry W.

    Oct 24th 2017

    The main reason why I bought this camera was its 6-22mm motorized Vari-focal lens which enables you to get the best images and videos that you want. The sensor is capable to take images both in day and night. I work in the security and I have been using this camera for a few months without any issues.

  • 5
    Darren A.

    Oct 7th 2017

    I tried to use the camera at a high place but was not getting what I want the pictures were slightly blurry and I wasn’t impressed at. Then someone at my office advised me to lower the camera and started to experiment with it. I found that the best height is about five feet for you camera to be effective. Now I am fully satisfied with the results that it has produced for me. The camera requires a HD-TVI DVR and you will really see what it can deliver. Hats off to LTS for making a camera that doesn’t break your pocket either.

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