Senstar Symphony AIM-A10D A10D Thin Client

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  • Aimetis AIM-A10D A10D Thin Client
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Senstar Symphony AIM-A10D A10D Thin Client

With over a decade of experience developing innovative video solutions, we are excited to announce Aimetis' newest product family, the Aimetis thin client. The Aimetis thin client is the perfect video viewing solution for customers who need more functionality than a traditional decoder but less complexity and maintenance than a Windows PC. Aimetis has built a global business with mission to lead in the invention of intelligent video management solutions while providing service excellence and business simplicity. With the launch of the Aimetis Thin Client, they continue to deliver on this objective. The first model in the Aimetis Thin Client family, the A10D is the ideal product for public view monitors commonly found inside retail, banking, and transportation sites. The product decodes up to 1080p video from over 30 network camera manufacturers and can be displayed on any HDMI monitor.

The AIM-A10D A10D is very easy to set up and takes no more than a few minutes to complete. The installation wizard guides you through the key steps such as configuring network connectivity, defining regional settings, and connecting to your cameras. With its compact size, you have many installation options such as wall or vesa mount and with the use of PoE it not only simplifies cabling but also eliminates the AC or DC connection as a path for power surges into the device. From the end user perspective the A10D is easy to use even without much training. You can change the camera in an existing layout or change the entire layout from either the web interface or from the convenience of your Android or Apple device over a wifi connection. When it comes to video display options in the market today, we can either install a propriety decoder which locks our customers into a particular brand, or use a pc. That can be overkill for most applications.

The Aimetis Thin Client fills the gap nicely by providing an IT friendly and low maintenance solution while still delivering that needed flexibility and functionality our customers are asking for. We also like how easy the device is to install. Its small so we have a lot of installation flexibility. Cabling is very easy and the unit can be secured which is very important in certain installations. It doesn't require much training. The setup wizard is simple and straight forward. With the A10D, you have two primary deployment scenarios. It can be deployed alongside Aimetis Symphony VMS or physical security appliances and act as a companion product. This is desirable in cases where individual fat clients had more functionality and complexity than what the situation requires. You can also use it with third party VMS products because it supports direct camera connection natively through ONVIF. So with or without Aimetis VMA, the A10D is an interesting option for your video projects.

Aimetis continuously strives to simply network video solutions and reduce the total cost of ownership for their customers while maintaining the openness required by the market. The Aimetis A10D Thin Client will continue to deliver on this promise.

Key features:

  • Decode 1080p video from 30+ network video manufacturers
  • Small fanless form factor
  • Live switching of cameras, views and ptz control
  • Video playback and export (with Aimetis Symphony)
  • VESA, wall or desktop mount options
  • PoE powered
  • Kensington lock
  • Aimetis Symphony carousel (or camera sequences) supported
  • Aimetis Enterprise Manager integration to centralize firmware management and health monitoring
Control Options:
  • Mouse control (future)
  • Touch screen
  • Web
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android
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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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