Aiphone RY-24L Form C Door Release Relay - 24VDC Input

Brand: Aiphone
Part Number: RY-24L
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Aiphone RY-24L Form C Door Release Relay - 24VDC Input

The RY-24L Door Release Relay Module is an interface between the door release contact on the Aiphone monitor and the actual release mechanism. The contact closure directly out of the monitor is rated at 12V AC with a low current capacity. If your strike or maglock requires more voltage or current, the RY-24L is required. It provides either a Normally Open contact for an electric strike, or a Normally Closed contact for a magnetic lock. The contact rating supports a majority of door release hardware available on the market. The RY-24L relay is recommended with all AX, KC, KB, and JA video systems when using the door release feature. This will protect the built-in contact from possible surge damage. (Note: For more than one door release on the KB system, use the RY-3DL.)

Key features of Aiphone RY-24L

  • Relay Input: 24VDC, Red, Gray wires, 22AWG
  • N/O Output rating: 5A at 30VDC or 125V AC
  • N/C Output rating: 3A at 30VDC or 125V AC
  • Wiring: 2 conductors from Master Station's door release contacts to RY-24L. 2 conductors from RY-24L to release mechanism, with power wired in series.
  • Dimensions:1-3/4" H x 7/8" W x 7/16" D, with wires extending approx. 7-1/2"


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