Axis P3905-R 1080P HDTV Rugged Compact Dome IP Security Camera - POE, Built-in MicroSD, Traffic Light Mode

Part Number: 0639-001
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  • Axis P3905-R 1080P HDTV Rugged Compact Dome IP Security Camera - POE, Built-in MicroSD, Traffic Light Mode
  • Axis P3905-R
  • 3 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Max. FPS and Resolution : 30fps at 1080P
  • Color : White
  • Environmental : Indoor


Axis P3905-R 1080P HDTV Rugged Compact Dome IP Security Camera

The Axis P3905-R Network Camera is specially designed for portable video monitoring in transports, trains, tram autos and emergency vehicles. The camera is protected against dust and water and is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. The camera also has exceptional capacity for bearing impacts, shocks, and temperature fluctuations. The system has in-built alarm sensors that is triggered in the event of vandalism, blocking, or spray painting damages. The camera responds quickly to changes in light levels, ensuring high picture quality is maintained at all times. Traffic Light mode serves to monitor different colors in especially dim scenes.

The utilization of dynamic output likewise creates clearer pictures of moving articles. The targeted field of view and a balanced image is effectively attained by utilizing the supplied lens apparatus to direct and rotate the ball that holds the lens and picture sensor. The Axis P3905-R Network Camera supports regular email service that requires 5.50 firmware or higher.

Key features of Axis P3905-R:

  • Traffic Light Mode: Traffic Light mode helps to better distinguish colours of traffic lights in very dark scenes.
  • Webmail: Support for regular email services requires 5.50 firmware or later. The entrance to numerous normal webmail administrations requires SSL/TLS security. Predefined profiles for Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo are incorporated in the 5.50 firmware so as to streamline the arrangement.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Supports Quality of Service (QoS) which helps secure the important bandwidth for streaming video and command over a network.
  • HD Camera: AXIS P3905-R Network camera offers HDTV 720p (1280x720 pixels) video in Motion JPEG and H.264 format.
  • Edge Storage: Supports the edge storage that allows recording video directly to a storage such as a micro SD/SDHC card.
  • Internet protocol: Underpin Internet Protocol form 6 (IPv6) in expansion to IP adaptation 4 (IPv4).


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3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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Additional Information

Camera Style:
Mini Dome
Max. FPS and Resolution:
30fps at 1080P
NDAA Compliant:
Network (IP)
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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