Hotel Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Video, 12x Turret Cameras, Weatherproof, 132ft Night Vision, 3-Yr Warranty, CHS12-2TF

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  • Hotel Security Camera System
  • Hotel Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Video, 12x Turret Cameras, Weatherproof, 132ft Night Vision, 3-Yr Warranty, CHS12-2TF
  • Hotel Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Video, 12x Turret Cameras, Weatherproof, 132ft Night Vision, 3-Yr Warranty, CHS12-2TF
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Hotel Security Camera System

Monitoring and controlling entrance into your hotel is a security priority. Security cameras gives you eyes on multiple entrances all from one central monitor. In addition, studies have found that the mere presence of the cameras will deter a large percentage of would be trespassers.

A1 Security Cameras can offer you free consultation on your system layout. Our experts can work through your specific security concerns and custom tailor a video surveillance system that will work the best for you.

Below we have included some details from a hotel that we worked with in Hagerstown Maryland. We know that every security systems has its own challenges. We welcome you to give one of our security camera experts a call today for your free consultation.

Customer Concerns

Controlling entrance into their hotel was vital. Peace of mind for their guests and protection from possible thieves required good access control and security cameras at ever entrance for live monitoring.

The hotel had four shift managers that rotated schedules. Each one needed to have access to the camera feeds at any time. A good mobile app was important for this customer.

There were a few spots around the perimeter that they felt should be monitored. Mainly parking lots as well as some of the exits that they wanted to have outdoor coverage of in addition to the indoor cameras covering those doors.

The front lobby was quite large in this hotel. The camera covering the front door was not able to provide adequate coverage of the lobby. We would need to add an additional camera to get an overview of the whole lobby.

The front desk was off to the left once you walked in. The overview camera could cover the guests at the desk but could not see behind the desk where their employees where. Adding a camera behind the desk facing back to the lobby would allow them to monitor employee behavior while on the job.


After our consultation, we decided the 12-camera system above was the best option. We chose these cameras due to their weatherproof versatility, 1080p high definition resolution, and exceptional night vision. These 1080p turret domes our one size fits all cameras for this hotel offering them exceptional quality and performance at a great price.

This security camera system includes:

  • 1 x CNR162
  • 12 x C2TF
  • 1 x PC1218-12A
  • 12 x CP59-S100
  • 1 x XHD-2T
  • 3-years Warranty

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Additional Information

3-year Manufacturer Warranty
Number of Security Cameras:
12 camera system
Surveillance Technology:
HD-TVI Security System
Product Type:
Recorder Channel Capacity:
16 Channel
Lens (Systems):
Lens Type (Systems):
Fixed Lens
Pre-Installed Storage:
2 TB Storage
Resolution (System):
2 Megapixel - 1080P
Security Camera Types:
Turret Security Cameras
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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Rice U.

    Dec 13th 2017

    I still think that the product does miss out on a few options here. First of all it doesn’t come with a CMOS sensor. Moreover, it does not have a WFDR function similar to the bullet camera version. Apart from these two options, I think it’s a pretty surveillance system. The 2.8mm fixed lens system is a class apart and it comes with 2MP 1080p high resolution sensor.

  • 5
    Damien F.

    Dec 8th 2017

    The dome cameras can be controlled through the recorder of 16-channel capacity. The unavailability of WDR is a shortcoming but the cameras still manage enough to produce 1080p output. Because it doesn’t have WDR, the night vision also gets blurry in darker corners. The range of 132 feet works well in the daylight with 2.8mm lens.

  • 5
    Jack B.

    Dec 1st 2017

    The CHS12-2TF in comparison to CWS12-2BP offers less value purely because it does not come with night mode or WDR. Its 2.8mm lens with 2MP with 1080p resolution is good though especially in the day. The recorder also comes with a 16-channel capacity and in good light conditions it gives clear pictures. The installation of the system is a piece of cake too.

  • 5
    Roberto M.

    Nov 27th 2017

    This security camera system works well if you are not considering the night mode. But don’t worry, this does not mean that you cannot use it in the bright light of the day. The best option for you is to use this system in the better light conditions and all will be good. It has the ability to produce 1080p resolution and the recorder also has 16-channel resolution.

  • 5
    Glenn N.

    Nov 17th 2017

    I clearly miss the WDR in this system, the night time images will be shady and there is plenty ghosting too in the images. Better use it in good light conditions only. The day time display is not bad and there is an obvious difference between the day and night images. The recorder also has 16-channel capacity and the 2MP 2.8mm lens works the basics well.

  • 5
    Jason K.

    Nov 6th 2017

    I have suddenly realized that Oculur doesn’t offer many options with CMOS sensors. Then again maybe I don’t know much about the brand. The night mode certainly disappointed me and the reason is that these lenses don’t come with WDR technology. It is good in doing the basics. However, don’t use these cameras outdoors because they won’t produce clear results in dark conditions. The 2.8mm lens size is good but the 2-megapixel should have incorporated a CMOS sensor. It would have improved the results by far. Still, it’s a pretty decent product and setting up of the recorder is no big deal either.

  • 5
    Justin B.

    Nov 3rd 2017

    I would suggest that Oculur should also bring the CMOS in this price range. The range of the camera is excellent in bright light and it can capture images well over 100 feet but during night the visibility range drops significantly especially in the darker regions of a spacious room. To cover every aspect, I think you will need a camera in every corner of your room. But then the camera is for indoor usage too. Oculur has managed to produce a system with a basic set of features and is offering it at a very affordable price which is a huge plus if you are a little short on the budget.

  • 5
    Philip Hathaway

    Apr 8th 2017

    Incredible video on these cameras. Even at night, there is so much detail. Very glad I found a company that knows there stuff and sales a good product.

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