Sony UNI-WMB4 Wall Mount Bracket

Part Number: UNI-WMB4
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  • Material : Aluminum
  • Environmental : Indoor and Outdoor


Sony UNI-WMB4 Wall Mount Bracket

This Gooseneck Wall Mount Bracket is ideal for outdoor installation of Sony mini dome video security cameras.

The 1" pipe thread is compatible with UNI-MDPHM, UNI-MDPDH180, UNI-MDPH120, UNI-MDPX, and UNI-MDPVM772 pendant mount adaptor.

Standard wall fixing hole pattern is compatible with corner mount adaptor (UNI-CMA1), pole mount adaptor (UNI-PMA1) and outdoor power block case (UNI-PBU1). The pendant mount adaptor is needed when using the UNI-WMB4.

All aluminium construction. Light grey finish. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

Using adapters, the following models can be attached to this mount:

  • UNI-MDPDH120
  • SNC-EM520, SNC-EM521, SNC-DH120, SNC-DH120T, SNC-DH140, SNC-DH140T, SNC-DH220, SNC-DH220T, SNC-DH240, SNC-DH240T, SNC-ZM550, SNC-ZM551, SNC-EM600, SNC-EM630, SNC-VM600B, SNC-VM600, SNC-VM630, SNC-EM601, SNC-EM631, SNC-VM601B, SNC-VM601, SNC-VM631
  • SNC-DH110T/B, SNC-DH110/W, SNC-DH110/B, SNC-DH110T/W, SNC-DH210T/B, SNC-DH210T/W, SNC-DH210/W, SNC-DH210/B, SNC-XM631
  • UNI-MDPDH180
  • SNC-DH160, SNC-DH180, SNC-DH260, SNC-DH280, SNC-EM602R, SNC-EM632R, SNC-VM602R, SNC-VM632R, SNC-EM602RC, SNC-EM632RC
  • SNC-HM662
  • UNI-MDPVM772
  • SNC-VM772R
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Additional Information

Accessory Type:
Mount & Bracket
Indoor and Outdoor
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