Church Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Resolution, 4 x Dome Cameras, Wide-Angle Field of View, 65ft. Night Vision, 3-Year Warranty

Brand: Oculur
Part Number: CCS4-2DF
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  • Church Security Camera System
  • Church Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Resolution, 4 x Dome Cameras, Wide-Angle Field of View, 65ft. Night Vision, 3-Year Warranty
  • Church Security Camera System - 1080p Full HD Resolution, 4 x Dome Cameras, Wide-Angle Field of View, 65ft. Night Vision, 3-Year Warranty

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty
  • Lens Type : Fixed Lens
  • Lens Size : 3.6mm Lens
  • Pre-Installed Storage : 1 TB


Church Security Camera System

Church Security Camera System

Church burglaries are more prevalent than ever. A video surveillance system coupled with a good alarm system should be a priority at any place of worship. We have found many times that the visual evidence captured by security cameras sharply increases the probability of convicting the burglar and recovering stolen property.

Our video surveillance experts have over 10 years of experience designing security solutions for churches of all sizes. We only provide cutting-edge technology offering our clients top of line performance at a great cost.

Below we have included some details from a small church that we worked with in Greeley Colorado. We understand that every church faces unique challenges. We encourage you to call today and take advantage of our free expert consultation so we can determine the most effective solution for your church.

Customer Concerns

Church Security Camera System

Coverage for both entrances into the building were important. They wanted to monitor these entryways from the outside so that they could capture any vandalism of the entrance even if the burglars did not make it inside.

The main lobby was small and had a double glass door in the middle that was their main entrance. They wanted to cover the lobby and the doors with one wide-angle overview camera. We would need a camera with good WDR to deal with the bright light coming in from outside.

The sanctuary was small and almost a perfect square. They wanted a camera that would sit above the pulpit and look out to the congregation almost getting the same view as what the pastor would see.

There are five main elders including the senior pastor. The elders wanted to have access to the camera system from their mobile phones. This would allow them to login to their cameras at any time if there alarm system triggered.

Directly to the left of the front of the sanctuary was a room that they used as a meeting room. They wanted to have a 43″ TV that was wall-mounted and displaying the four cameras that they had around the property.


Church Security Camera System

The four-camera HD-CCTV system above was the perfect fit for this church. The cameras were small in design but still boasted both vandal-proof and weatherproof construction making them a “one size fits all″ choice for all of their camera locations. In addition, this system produces 1080p Full HD video offering them the detail they would need in the unfortunate case of a burglary.

Additional Information

Application Area:
Church Security Camera System
Camera Style:
Channel Capacity:
4 camera channels
Lens Size:
Lens Type:
Fixed Lens
Number of Security Cameras:
4 camera system
Pre-Installed Storage:
1 TB
3-year Manufacturer Warranty
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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Maxwell J. on Dec 4th 2017

    The CCS4-2DF is equipped with large 3.6mm fixed lens type which only have 1MP capacity but it does give better resolution output in 720p. However, you can also enhance the output by turning on the WDR feature which really brings out the best from the camera. It can produce 1080p full HD results in both images and video even in the darker conditions.

  • 5

    Posted by Raynold T. on Nov 21st 2017

    I personally love this product. The reason being its exceptional ability to produce high quality 1080p images in dark places. I have never felt the need of upgrading my security system because this one does the job so well. The 3.6mm lens ensures to capture most of the available light and the 720p 1MP camera completes the rest of the job to create those distortion free images.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom H. on Nov 16th 2017

    3.6mm lens size + 1MP 720p lens capacity + WDR = Top Notch Performance It is an excellent combination that is not very common. I still think that a better camera lens would have added so much to this already good product but I guess human beings don’t settle for anything. The WDR feature really counts a lot in this camera.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill M. on Oct 31st 2017

    Wow, I was really reluctant to buy the product at first because of the camera capacity. I never knew that larger lens can contribute so well towards better image quality. Upon the recommendation from my friend I went for it the WDR works fine with 3.6mm lens which produce optimal results.

  • 5

    Posted by Rony H. on Oct 10th 2017

    It is a small camera that boasts both weatherproof and vandal proof designs which makes it more versatile when it comes to using the security system both indoors as well as outdoors. It is an excellent option for me because I can use it outside my store as well as on the inside. I bought this camera because of this feature plus, the HD-TVI output is a huge bonus. The 3.6mm lens works well to produce high resolution results and you are able to get those good quality pictures even in low light environments. I was short on budget and now I am going for an upgrade. I’ll definitely buy LTS again.

  • 5

    Posted by Richard Tomas on Aug 16th 2017

    Very pleased with the service and the solution that you were provided. This system performs very well and the price was great.

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