Ubiquiti Security Cameras

Ubiquiti Security Cameras

Known to be reliable and long-lasting, Ubiquiti security cameras are some of the most in-demand CCTV products in the surveillance industry. Coming mostly as Ubiquiti IP cameras, better known as Unifi cameras, these products are defined by their unique yet compact dome or bullet designs primarily made from aluminum polycarbonate. Not just popular due to their physical design, but Unifi cameras also offer several excellent features that may include plug-and-play, high Ingress Protection Standard ratings, motorized zoom, built-in microphones, and high-definition at 30fps. Moreover, these CCTV cameras often come in bundles, so building a Ubiquiti security camera system is easy to order. Despite often requiring a backorder queue, Ubiquiti security cameras remain some of the most popular CCTV products in the surveillance market. Purchase your Unifi cameras today from A1 Security Cameras!

Ubiquiti Security Cameras

Do I have to pay in advance for back-ordered Ubiquiti security cameras?

Yes, customers interested in Unifi cameras, or any product available on the A1 Security Cameras online store that is back-ordered, will require an outright purchase before being placed in the backorder queue. As stated in the A1 Security Cameras Product Backorder Policy:

“Due to the popularity of many surveillance and access control products displayed by A1 Security Cameras, the brands we display have developed a queue system for all products on backorder. Customers ordering back-ordered products must pay the full price in order to be placed in the queue and receive the product as soon as it becomes available. If not notified before purchase, customers will be notified as quickly thereafter as possible during working hours and may decide to opt for another product in our catalog or get a refund if the expected wait time is too long.”

Why are Ubiquiti security cameras always on backorder?

The issue specifically with Unifi cameras and other Ubiquiti CCTV products is twofold. Firstly, Ubiquiti has always made a limited number of highly capable products each year and that these products have always been highly sought after by design. Secondly, due to the pandemic that arose from Covid, manufacturing slowed and demand broadly rose. Ubiquiti is not the only brand with this issue, as AXIS Communications, Bosch, Digital Watchdog, Geovision, and more have experienced similar problems.

Is Ubiquiti still making cameras?

Yes, Ubiquiti still develops and manufactures Unifi cameras for residential and commercial use. However, Ubiquiti has publicly stated that as of 2020, there would be no support for the line of Unifi video products. This means that beyond the local network, remote viewing, updates, and other online features would be halted. The brand then moved all resources and focus from the prior line of products to the Unifi Protect line. Those that still keep Unifi Video products will still be able to access them, use them, and keep recorded footage, but will not be able to carry that data over if the decision comes to move over to the new line of products.

Does Ubiquiti have wireless cameras?

Yes, A1 Security Cameras offers some of the several Ubiquiti Unifi cameras that feature wireless transmission. However, we make our bias clear when it comes to wired vs wireless cameras. Whereas wireless Unifi cameras offer a quick solution for those needing surveillance, such solutions are far more cybernetically vulnerable, require a better constant internet connection, and are typically less durable. While less expensive and easier to install, very seldom do wireless cameras last as long as wired CCTV.

Where are UniFi cameras made?

The majority of Unifi cameras, network, and CCTV products are manufactured in China with very little production being carried out in other countries, much less in the United States. While Ubiquiti had been established in the United States, it is one of the many surveillance brands that choose to rely on manufacturing contractors throughout China.

Do UniFi cameras require a subscription?

With Unifi Protect products, homeowners and businesses do not need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy each of the internet-based features available in Ubiquiti CCTV products. Moreover, Unifi cameras do not require licensing or software fees for a basic setup. That means small businesses and households interested in Ubiquiti Unifi cameras can enjoy them without worrying about regular payments after the initial purchase.

Are Ubiquiti cameras Safe?

With the jump to Unifi Protect, there have been some reports of Unifi cameras being susceptible to hacking and other cybernetic attacks. While the brand did announce there would no longer be support for Unifi video CCTV products, the problem is likely the lack of updates to software and firmware while other issues may be isolated due to the use of third-party software. When using the most modern Ubiquiti CCTV and network products, safe functionality is easy to reliably sustain. This is especially true when keeping your Ubiquiti products regularly updated and kept in good working order.

Can I use non-Unifi cameras with UniFi Protect?

Yes, Unifiprotect offers support to 3rd party CCTV hardware makes it a viable option for mixing CCTV brands within one system. While A1 Security Cameras will never suggest or encourage mixing CCTV hardware and video management software, Unifiprotect makes full functionality of security cameras from other brands possible.

Local Design Services for Ubiquiti Security Cameras

Need to get the best possible Ubiquiti camera system in Dallas Fort Worth? A1 Security Cameras has the best team of professionals ready to help you, thanks to our installation team. With years of experience accrued by each of our technicians, you can get the best system in DFW designed specifically for your needs, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business of any size. Moreover, our team can develop a system plan that can be upgraded later after installation so you can enjoy the benefits of expansion or when you want newer products added. So get the process started by contacting the A1 Security Cameras design team today!

Local DFW Ubiquiti Security Camera Installations!

When it comes to getting Unifi cameras and other Ubiquiti CCTV products purchased from A1 Security Cameras installed, our installation team is ready to help you. With a professional team of technicians with years of experience, our team offers the best surveillance and access control installation services in DFW so you can get the best possible automated security in the area. Providing a stress-free process for residential and commercial customers needing installations, our team makes every effort to fit each service to the customer’s specific needs. Moreover, our team offers system upgrades, integration, and expansion services when required by the customer. Contact the A1 Security Cameras installation team today to schedule your appointment!